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  1. woah these one's are really close the aj's from a few years back
  2. This won't be worth to much I think. You'd have to go ahead and refinish it which diminishes value plus you'd have to get all the guts and put them in. If you're going to play the thing for awhile then it might be worth your while as a project if you can get the neck and body really really cheap.
  3. congrats man! I have one just like it enjoy!
  4. wow! nice stuff, I love the epi sj200, I never played one. I wonder how it measures up to my gibson.
  5. I'm all about the AJ's nice deep sound. I have one of the reissues from a few years back and it kicks ***!
  6. ouch... yeah go ahead and fix that, who knows why people mess with great vintage guitars like this.
  7. I had a gibson j160 and I liked it but like others are saying as far as a good electro-acoustic; not so great. It's sounds good on some beatles records like "I feel fine" but that's a really specific sound. I eventually traded my 160 for a newer electric/acoustic Southern Jumbo, and man that was guitar. Too each his own however, good luck with whatever you decide to do!
  8. wow weird, can't decide if i dig the pearloid or not lol.
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