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  1. Models produced between 1961 and 1965 have the original small pickguard; in 1966 the guitar was redesigned slightly with a different neck joint, and the modern larger semi-symmetrical "batwing" pickguard first appeared in 1967. This design continued until 1971, when variations of the SG were sold with a raised Les Paul style pickguard and a front-mounted control plate. The low-end SG-100 and the P-90 equipped SG-200 appeared during this time, as well as the luxurious SG Pro and SG Deluxe guitars. Vibrato (tremolo arm) tailpieces were also introduced as options. So tell us about yours; make
  2. Van Halen, Running with the Devil. Gets me going everytime!
  3. I've been a huge fan of Queen since I was in high school. When The Game came out we played that album over and over again!
  4. The right man for the right job. Paging Dr. Blackie...
  5. Huge fan. Exploding dog is awesome! dem00n... Mind your comments. I'll shred u like cheese.
  6. Is that like a tire kicker? Anyone who literally "sniffs the cork" knows nothing about wine. Sniffing guitars, however, is a completely different story. My vintage arsenal smells expensive.
  7. Midnight Express is also a pretty damn intense prison movie. One of the best, IMHO. Also, Breakout with Charles Bronson. Anyone remember him?
  8. "That's right, that's right... we bad."
  9. Big fan of the Maestro, personally as it adorns my '67 and is simply bad-a$$
  10. Obviously' date=' it's nice if you have the opportunity to see and play an instrument first but it's not entirely necessary. In fact, I've bought six guitars over the years online and they all arrived in perfect condition. Open the box, tune her up, plug her in and enjoy!
  11. Unfortunately, you'd be lucky to get a grand for it these days.
  12. Yeah, they don't come with a certificate of authenticity. Do you suspect it's not authentic?
  13. Congrats, man... SG Standard's rule!
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