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    Traditional Pro II

    Guitar Center will have it on sale for $1699 on the President Day weekend.It comes in merlot,alpine white,champagne,vintage sunbrust,pelham blue,and ebony.
  2. I used schaller on 41 of 43 guitars.If the hole is too big for the screw.You could put a half of a tooth pick in the hole and that will hold the strap lock tight.Add glue if you like.
  3. samash.com has the Gibson Les Paul Studio '70s Tribute on sale for 529 and the sg for 499,midtown 999 and other gibson are also on sale
  4. I'm not very good with computer.My son come home from college once a month and he'll help me with it.
  5. I saw a blue that was just as nice
  6. I just got a collector choice #1 vos on sunday for a great price $5085 new,and I got a paul kossoff vos for $6000 new a week later
  7. I do it all the time.That's why I've 34 guitars and counting.
  8. Mf and GC have it on sale for $1800
  9. Nice guitar,I just got a cherry onelast week.If anybody is looking for the Marshall JCM1 50th Anniversary 1w amp.They have it in stock at MF.I'm receiving my tomorrow.
  10. MF have all the colors in stock except for the cream.
  11. I just pick up a 2011 Gibson Joe Bonamassa les paul studio today.
  12. 2000 gibson peter frampton les paul custom 2008 gibson slash les paul usa 1997 gibson les paul custom black 1998 gibson 57 reissue goldtop 2012 gibson ace frehley les paul usa 1998 gibson 58 reissue amber aaa flame top 2005 gobson 59 reissue wash cherry 2008 gibson les paul antique classic 2008 gibson les paul classic goldtop 2011 gibson les paul classic custom cream 2011 gibson dc les paul goldtop p90 2011 gibson joe bonamassa les paul studio goldtop, 2010 gibson les paul collectors choice #1, 2012 gibson les paul paul kossoff vos,2011 gibosn les paul traditional pro cherry,2011 gibson les paul traditioal pro p90 ebony,2012 gibson les paul 70 tribute,2009 gibson es335 natural figure top,2012 gibson midtown ebony,2012 gibson les paul supreme charcoal.
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