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    1972 es345td

    Hello any help would be very much appreciated-I dont understand how the electronics work on this-The bridge pickup does not work unless the cable is only partially put in the jack.When its fully inserted only the neck pup works-do I need a special cable for this guitar? I have an orange amp as well as a 1961 gibson ga79rvt which is a stereo amp help:-( STeve
  2. Hello I just acquired a 2003 CS356 and was wondering why there was no gibson label on the back of the headstock-The case reads Arts and historic any insight would be great Steve If this is an old topic I apologize
  3. Hello all Just wondering what exactly does handpicked mean? does a dealer go to the factory and pick out his inventory? or does it mean he gets first pick on the new models? I grabbed this flamed beauty and on the box it says handpicked. thanks much
  4. thanks I got it- sorry that there so big
  5. hello,I have been a member here for a little while and this is my first post.I am looking for opinions on the 1981 lp that is dressed out like a 25/50- I purchased it from a reliable shop that I have used before and they surmised that it could have been an employee guitar.I love it but just wondering about other possibilities -thanks much-steve trying to add pics but failing-files are too big.[/url[/url
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