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  1. Now if there is a version 2 I cant wait I hope lol
  2. Since the numark nv will be released in August I wonder what that means for current scs.4dj owners ?
  3. Hey guys I'm selling my unit.. really doesn't work for me. It's in great condition and I will send pics if u want
  4. Ive had this same problem as well and im waiting on my third unit as we speak...
  5. OK just got my new unit in the mail yesterday and guess what this unit has a scratch button malfunction ....one button works the other button dont......wow
  6. Ok I send my unit in for repair on sept 10 and now it is Oct 9 and I still havent recieved my unit back yet...and Im really pissed !!!!!!!!
  7. Hey guys how long does it take to get a replacement unit are mine repaired through stanton. I got some birthday parties to dj for and I really need my unit fixed. ASAP!!!!!!
  8. The scs4dj crossfader ..is it build for long time use for scratching or is it made for mixing use only because I was looking at using this with traktor pro 2 . I always find myself using that feature alot.. thanks
  9. Yeah i was just asking and wishing there was a way to create more sounds effect with the unit.
  10. Hey guys what is the best software to use with this unit..or is it better to use the unit as stand alone only ?
  11. And 32gb hold how many songs.... I just may get one.
  13. Hey guys ive had this unit for the past 6 months and all of a sudden the home,browse,playlist,system and back buttons started peeling off ...Is there anyone else having this problem ? ..Or is it just mine
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