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  1. Bruno690: I was a bit disappointed to read some of the first posts in this thread because there seem to be some misconceptions. It is nice to see your post here, as it is the correct way of seeing this issue. The aspect of systems of socialized medicine that we should all be concerned about is that rationing care hits the elderly especially hard and, in effect, kills a great number of people who otherwise would have lived longer had they had adequate care. President Obama, in a speech about two weeks ago, said explicitly that the new system would have a component in it for reducing the number of trips to clinics and hospitals by the elderly.
  2. Guitars are just tools to me, but since they are handled and looked at a lot I want them to look nice too. But I don't think it's worth spending much on cosmetics. As long as it looks OK, that's enough. As for the collectors, well God Bless America! To each his own.
  3. RudyH


    KSG_Standard: Awesome! Thanks! I may end up living in that area because I love wade fishing in salt water more than any other kind of fishing. Those are my two favorite species. Last year I took a road trip to the Florida panhandle and my favorite parts were wade fishing. The best redfish of the trip was right near a fishy looking spot just outside the biggest town in the area. I love those saltwater Zara Spooks for Reds and Trout. Being a northerner, I just went fly fishing for the other kind of trout yesterday. Fun and beautiful, quite different from sea trout fishing. I will say that I always found it strange that the sea trout has that name. In pictures it really doesn't look like a freshwater trout at all. However, when I caught my first sea trout I didn't know what it was, and when I got it close to me my first thought was "if I didn't know better I'd say that was a brown trout". They give that strong impression. I don't think I'll be able to travel much this summer, but I will definitely want to take you up on your map offer when I can make plans to go. Tomorrow is the bass opener here in Minnesota and I can hardly wait to get out there for it. I've got a good spot for them and it's a ritual to go there early in the morning. I use plastic worms mostly. About 9am the pike start biting and I'll switch to a spinner bait. For last year's trip to fish salt my main rod and reel was a Cabelas Salt Striker travel rod and an Ambassadeur Record reel. A great combination for freshwater pike and for reds and trout. Line is Power Pro 30#. At one place I was seeing surface activity so I checked it out. I tought it was small sharks feeding on forage fish. It turned out to be big gafftopsail cats, like 7 to 8 pounds. This was in 20 feet of water. I had never seen cats feed like that before. It was a blast. Only the big ones were at the surface. As you can probably tell, I love fishing. I have all my life.
  4. RudyH


    KSG_Standard: Is that Laguna Madre? I've been wanting to go there for a wade fishing trip. Does it make sense just to drive there and wade? Or do you need a boat? Thanks.
  5. It's not that kind of french horn. This is special. Very cool.
  6. I've heard of French horn, but this is really amazing http://funlok.com/index.php/videos/french-horn-suit-amazing-funny-artist.html
  7. I don't mind a bit of advertising as long as I get some good info in return. I'd like to know more about the following specifically, but you can see the general pattern of what I'd like to read: 1) More about the Dark Fire. Perhaps cool things that have been done with it since its release. I'd like some sound examples to go with the text. 2) Getting the most out of my ES 335. For example, why the tone knobs and pickup selector work the way they do, and suggestions for some cool combinations for rock, jazz, country and blues. Some amp settings of compatible Gibson Amps to go with it. 3) Some cross selling info, like if I'm contemplating buying a Les Paul, what do I get with the basic Epiphone model?, then compare that with the next model up the line for Epiphone, and continuing up to the top of the Gibson line. 4) An article on Gibson strings. I love them. I didn't even know Gibson sold strings over the counter until I stumbled onto them. Compare the different kinds and what they are used for, like flat wounds, nickel vintage, etc. 6) How to find a Gibson repair shop, and periodic maintenance to consider. 7) Some other cross selling info, like why an electric guitar player might want to try a mandolin or acoustic guitar. 8) Suggestions for setting up a playing area at home, including guitar stands, amp, digital stuff, recorders, mics, etc. 9) In short, make the guitar I play more interesting to me, then expand my horizons a bit. 10) Insights into Gibson's design and manufacturing philosophy. I always enjoy reading about how passionate people can be about their work and why they think their work is the best.
  8. My rule for shopping at wal mart is never to buy anything there that is expected to be durable. Expendibles are OK, like toilet paper, magazines, batteries, etc.
  9. Homz: It's a sad state of affairs when people on the right and people on the left can simultaneously agree that things are bad in congress.
  10. Splendid! Is there one for Jimmy Hendrix's Purple Haze also?
  11. Hoyt: I should point out that I was merely responding to your assertion that the new administration is better than the last. Are you not judging the new administration based on 100 days?
  12. Hoyt: What makes you say that this administration is better than the last? It seems to be shaping up as something much worse. Perhaps historically bad. I'm open to persuasion on this one.
  13. They are expensive, but I don't think they are overrated at all. They do a good job of delivering excellent instruments. At least the ones I have seen and tried have been excellent. My Gibson sounds great. It is no wonder that they are the choice of so many professionals.
  14. Oh yes, I forgot about the high energy costs resulting from his cap and trade policy. Ouch! That's going to hurt. On the other hand, he's still got 90% approval rating from democrats and 60% for general population. He must be doing something that a lot of people like.
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