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  1. Hey, Thanks for your replies. It's a really cool looking guitar! Cheers, Mike
  2. Hey All, I saw this picture of James Bay playing an old Epiphone at a gig. Any idea what model this is? Cheers, Mike
  3. Hey All, I looked at the guitar parts resource model AP-0628-002. It looks right but I'm not sure if it is right dimensionally. I guess an email to them is worth a try. best Regards, Mike
  4. Hey All, I have recently bought a Broadway but it did not have a pickguard. I have found a source who will make a nice Tortoise shell guard for me. I need to find the attachment hardware. This would be the angled bracket, stand-off and screws (in Gold, of course). Any suggestions on where I could find this? I've tried eBay but I am concerned about the dimensions. Any sources? Best Regards, Mike
  5. Hi All, I recently bought a used Epiphone Broadway. I am really enjoying it. I have noticed that there is a hum that only goes away if I touch the pickups. Touching the strings or tailpiece does not effect it. On most guitars, the strings and bridge are grounded and the hum will go away when you put your hand on them. Is this normal? I have a feeling that the tailpiece and strings should be grounded. Thanks to all, Mike
  6. Thanks to everyone for their help. Any ideas about where to find the mounting bracket and screws? Thanks, Mike
  7. Thanks, I've sent you an email. Best regards, Mike
  8. No luck so far. I've tried a couple of pickguard makers and no one has a template. Best Regards, Mike
  9. Thanks, I have sent them an email. Does anyone know if the Broadway pickguard is the same as the Joe Pass? Also, I will need hardware with it. Thanks, Miek
  10. Hi All, I have recently bought a beautiful Epiphone Broadway. The did not come with a pickguard and I would like to find one. Can anyone tell me if the Broadway pickguard is unique or is it the same as the Joe Pass / emperor or the 175? Where would be a good place to order one? Best Regards, Mike
  11. To All, Anyone have an idea on the 2 hole truss rod cover? Cheers, Mike
  12. Hey, Thanks for those pics. Those are definitely the silver Kluson's. Best regards, Mike
  13. Hey All, My first post here although I've been reading and researching posts for some time. I have recently bought a Epiphone Casino. I want to modify it to be like Lennon's guitar in the '68 / 70 era. I have taken the finish down to the wood and am now starting with the cosmetic mods. So, I have two questions so far. First of all, does anyone know if he had changed out the stock tuners for the Grovers in that era? I haven't been able to tell from any photos or film from that ear (i.e. Rock and Roll Circus, rooftop film, Live in Toronto). I have bought a set of Grovers but will need to open up the holes in the headstock to use them. I would rather not do this if they were not on the guitar at that time. Second question is, the 2 hole Truss Rod Cover. Does anyone on the board here know where these can be had? Thanks to everyone for such a great source of information. Best Regards, Mike
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