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  1. Both are great but you forgot about Stompin' Tom Conners
  2. I do most of my playing on the bridge pup, maybe 5% on the neck
  3. This is my first Gibson Les Paul, I always wanted one since I first started playing back in 79 because I was a massive KISS freak. Well after many years and many guitars I decided to get one for my 48th Birthday next week, its a 2010 Fireburst Studio. It plays great and not heavy at all, one down side to it is that it gets dusty pretty quick. The only plans I have for her is a DiMarzio Super Distortion pup in the bridge and a Dean humbucker in the neck position. Here are some pics
  4. I'm looking on getting a new guitar stand for my new Gibby LP but the ones I see on line all say "Not suitable for nitrocellulose guitars". Where on line (in Europe) can I order one? If I was to go to a local shop they would all say its good for nitrocellulose finishes when they are not. All my present stands are not suitable. Thanks
  5. Just to let everyone know that I was going to ship the Les Paul back to Thomann but my local post office quoted me a unreasonable price to mail it back to Germany. After an e mail to customer care they are giving back 60 euros to my account, I can live with a small scratch on the side of the guitar and the scratches by the bottom strap button which you can't see when there is a strap on it. On a final note I will admitt that Thomann has a great customer service team and sales team as well. This little incident will not stop me from buying from them again, which will be just before Christma
  6. Thanks but thats just the traditional way but my LP has a PCB board and some sort of computer connector
  7. I got some new pick ups (DiMarzio SD, Dean 79 series P/U) that I wanna install on my new Gibson Les Paul, but when I went to open up the back I noticed that its a whole new ball game back there with PC connectors and a circut board. How would I go about installing them? I couldn't find anything on You Tube to help me. Don't really want to take it to a tech as they charge alot here. Any help?
  8. I received an e mail from Thomann saying that I can send back my Les Paul Studio and they will send me another one. They also told me that they'll cover the postage from Malta to Germany just as long as it doesn't exceed 70 euros. I'll be mailing it back Monday morning. Now thats customer service
  9. I just bought a Les Paul on line from Thomann, its got a small scratch on the side and a few scratches by the bottom strap button. I e mailed then and I'm waiting for an answer. I was pretty pissed off yesterday but calmed down alot since then, I might just keep it after all.
  10. Yes it has the PCP board, does anyone know the part number or what its called?
  11. I'm going to be swapping out the pick ups on my studio for DiMarzio Super Distortion ones and noticed my stock pups have plastic connectors. I don't realy want to cut and solder wires but buy some new connectors so I can just plug my new pups in quick. Where on line can I buy a set of them? Thanks
  12. Does Gibson no longer put felt between the guitar and strap buttons? Does Gibson no longer give out a truss rod adjusting tool like an allen wrench?
  13. The Gibson box was fully sealed and placed in a Thomann box
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