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  1. THIS! This is exactly what is happening. Doesn't come through the amp at all. So from what was said... I just need to get the book and continue reading willy's weebsite/guide and I'll get this licked... pun intended. Thanks all! I'll let you know how my tweaking turns out.
  2. Good Day all... Quick. I have a 2012 Epiphone LP Standard Pro. Purchased from zZounds. Great guitar, really love playing it, but the Buzz from the E, and A strings are getting a bit too much. I took the guitar to a Gibson/Epi authorized dealer (Fuller Vintage Guitars in Houston) and they worked the truss rod and set the action even lower and it plays like butter, but it's still a bit buzzy. ONLY thing I can think of is the heat and humidity down here in Houston. When I tested it at Fuller, it was pretty darn good... slight buzz, but much better than when I dropped it off. However, after I got home and continued to play the instrument, it seemed to get worse and worse. Disclaimer: YES, the guitar sat in its hard case in my car in the parking garage for about 5 hours after I picked it up. Car was not in the sun, inside temps were most likely in the 90's... I changed the E, and A and that helped a little, but as soon as those loosen up, I'm sure it'll return... Edit: I use Ernie Ball 10-46 strings. So, I guess I have a few newb questions? 1. Is it supposed to buzz the E,A? (Going to the Guitar Center at lunch to play a couple LP's to see... ) 2. I just know the heat had something to do with it. 3. Should I take it back and ask them to redo it? I don't mind paying again, because leaving it in the car was my bad. 4. If I do 3, is there something else I should ask to be done? fretwork?... I'm very green at setups. If someone has a good reference I could read about this, please post. I did search this topic, but the forum didn't find anything.... that or I'm bad at searching forums. Edit: Found this topic. Will read up http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/topic/84661-sg-g400-fret-buzz/page__p__1161099__hl__cleaning__fromsearch__1#entry1161099 TIA
  3. well.. crap, went to play the Epi LesPaul Jr. Special last night and nothing... zip, zero, nada.... I've had it since december and it hasn't made it to summer.... Considering it cost next to nothing, I'm not even thinking about sending it to Epi to be fixed.... instead I think I'll MOD it! I'll post a new thread on my when I get started! Thanks again for the warm welcome. BTW... you guys have some epic epi's!
  4. FWIW... I got everything listed when I purchased Rocksmith w/ the Epi Les Paul Jr. Special (a 99.99 guitar). When I purchased my Les Paul Standard Plus Top Pro from zzounds.com, I received everything but the throw away cable... I'm ok with that honestly. Especially when you consider the Special has stopped working 5 months later.
  5. Thanks for the warm welcome.... I think I can get ALLOT of mileage from the Plus Top pro before I could ever come close to getting bored with it :) I'm currently working on Albert King's "Born Under a Bad Sign" --- the "with Stevie Ray Vaughn" version. Like someone said early... my rockbrain can do it.... but it's the link to the hands that is giving me troubles :) Just gonna take time and practice (which I try to do for at least an hour a day.
  6. Good Day, Just another 40 something trying to relive his youth here (picked up the axe again after 20years...)!! Anyway I have been lurking for a few weeks while contemplating a new guitar. I have absorbed allot of info. Using this info I bit the bullet and picked up a new Epiphine Les Paul Standard Plus Top Pro! WOW... what a nice guitar this is. I have only put it down to sleep :) The sustain on this thing is amazing! Easy to play - I love the thick neck! I can see myself learning allot on this guitar! Simply sounds amazing. Here's my electrics (I have a cheap Sonata acoustic which I will replace with an Epiphone soon). Dean Custom 350, the Paul, and the Junior (came w/Rocksmith). I run them all through a little VOX modeling amp and the PS3(Rocksmith) into a Bose Lifestyle Stereo, which I plan to change to a Mackie Mixer and some powered monitors) Anyway, great forum... hope to continue to learn and be around for while. Thanks Jason
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