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  1. I like the American Standard, really nice guitars. With my Les Paul in the house I would have a hard time explaining another high end guitar to my wife. I could have gotten an American Special for about $200 more, but I played one at my local shop while I was waiting for this guitar. I really think I made the right choice. I actually truly believe that this Mexican guitar is better built than the American Special. I dont know if that holds true across the board but between the 2 I played my Baja holds up really well. Not up to American Standards level, but as good or better than the speci
  2. I ordered a Baja Telecaster a couple weeks ago from Sweetwater and finally yesterday, on my birthday, it arrived. I had a classic series strat before but I couldn't really bond with it. It was nice and well made and pretty but I could not like the 7.5" radius fingerboard. This time around I decided to go with a Tele that has a 9.5"radius. I had a little trouble deciding between the Baja and the American special but after reading a lot of reviews and seeing the build quality of my previous Mexican made strat I went with the Baja. I am really glad I did. I REALLY like the fat neck on this guitar
  3. Heh heh. I could not take the pressure anymore and I expelled the GAS. LOL. I ordered the Baja from Sweetwater. I will have to wait a little while for it because they did not have the blondie in stock and I am not as fond of the Burst on that Tele. Now for the brutal wait. I blame you. B) Just kidding. I have no self control. Maybe I should join a Fender forum to talk about it, but I kind of prefer it here, and Gibson will always be my #1. Plus I figure with Sweetwaters return policy, if it is not absolutely perfect it is going back so what do I have to lose. https://www.youtube.com/
  4. Bongoscot


    Very nice. I succumbed to the pressures of my GAS and ordered a Telecaster today myself. That one looks real nice. Enjoy!
  5. whoops double posted [confused] Very nice J-35 by the way. The J-45 is on my fantasy list but I can't afford it, even with free financing.
  6. Well I dont have a Telecaster in my fleet. They have an American Special that looks kind of nice, but they also have a Mexican "baja" tele that looks really interesting. it has a fourth switch position with a button on the tone knob to out phase the pickups, and they both have the old style saddles. A Blond colored Tele would round out my collection nicely dont ya think?
  7. Man, I wasn't even having gas, then someone here mentions Sweetwater credit sale so I go looking to see what they have going on and now I sit here looking at a credit approval letter. Now its like I just gotta buy something. Dont really need a guitar, but there are a few I sure wouldn't mind having. I dont really need an amp, but again, same story. There is a Blackstar I could really sink my teeth into. I must stay in control. I must now turn off the computer and walk away. I have to ignore this credit thingy. Slooowly I turn, step by step....
  8. I say good for em. No one is gonna fill Freddie's shoes but the kid can sing and if they can put asses in the seats and put on a good show why not.
  9. I agree, but that one draws certain things that I dont always want to deal with. That's one that I am hoping my daughter will play when she gets it. She is further removed from its history. Hard to explain.
  10. Thanks. Really Love that guitar. It is kind of sentimental so it only comes out in certain moods but it is really an amazing sounding guitar.
  11. That was the first band that ever made me want to play guitar. I used to play air guitar and be Rick Neilsen While my buddy played air drums to the Dream Police album when I was like 6 or 7. Saw them a few years ago at a festival and they sounded as good as ever.
  12. Bongoscot


    It seems that Honeyburst covers a pretty wide range of shades. Mine is a much lighter shade than the other pictures but is still called Honeyburst. Pictures do it no justice though. It is pretty spectacular. When I open the case I get that glow like when They open the briefcase in Pulp Fiction. " Oh yeah, we're happy"
  13. Yes. Mine in not vintage. It was made in '10 as an '11 model. I got it on sale for $299 and it is by far the very best $300 guitar I have ever played. It is my second favorite guitar in the house behind my Les Paul and it gets played a lot more than any other. When I found it, it was hidden up high in a corner of the shop. Probably the least flashy looking guitar in the whole shop. I even like that. It's understated looks to me really add to the coolness of it. It sounds really sweet too. Comfortable and light. Some of them were made with baked Maple and some with Rosewood for a fingerboard. M
  14. The performance I wanted to see was Lindsay Buckingham with Trent Reznor and Queens of the Stone age. I sat through that torturous agonizing 3 hour show so as not to miss THAT performance and when it finally comes on they roll the credits, play ads, and end the show mid song. I am so pissed I will never be drawn into their nonsense again.
  15. Many times Wildwood will have video of an awesome player playing the actual guitar and running it through all of the settings. This is the video that sold me my Les Paul along with high def pics. :-) They are amazing to deal with.
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