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  1. I guess never mind. I found it in the upper f-hole. There is a nice label in there that says: Dot ES 339 VS Serial Number: 11111502366
  2. I purchased a new Epiphone ES-339 Pro in June 2012 from zZounds.com. I paid $300 because it was blemished. Although I can not find any blemishes. It plays nice and has a good sound. Not as good as my 78 Gibson LP Deluxe, but I like playing it and I gig with it as well. My question is where is the serial number? I can't find one on the headstock anywhere. Could this be the blemish "no serial number"? I still have the paper work and original box that the guitar came in. These are the numbers on the barcodes on the box or paper work I have: ET33VSNH1 7 1110632936 9 11111502366 RETG00183898 095680 DSP EPIET33VSNH1 On the back of the headstock it has 2 stickers "Handcrafted in China" and "Inspected in the US by E 24" or something like that. Thanks Richard
  3. Wow - thanks for everyones information. Ok - I've been bad. I'm still using the stock strings that came with the guitar. I'll replace the strings and use a little graphite to start with. I've always been bad about replacing my strings.
  4. I have a 339 Pro. I like the guitar, but it goes out of tune easy. I also have a 1978 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe. It's never out of tune. I can pick it up and go. Why does my epiphone 339 go out of tune so easy? I usually tune it a couple of times during a gig. I think the more I bend the strings the more it goes out of tune. Should I replace the nut? or the Tuners? Would different strings make a difference?
  5. Finally. I received my ES-339 Case today. Ordered late May - 5 months later my guitar finally has protection. It's a nice case. Fits my guitar like a glove and very plush.
  6. I have the ES 339 Pro. I have had it since May. When I first got it the strings buzzed when I played way up high on the neck. I figured I'd take it in to my local guitar shop and have it setup properly, but after a few weeks of playing the buzz dissappeared. I think the frets were not set all the way in in a few spots and after a little play they were fine. I know it should not be that way, but for the price the guitar is quite nice. I'm happy with the feel and sound. Looks are secondary. I bought mine as a backup guitar. I have 78 Les Paul Deluxe and I just don't want to play it out all the time. I find myself playing this Epiphone all the time. By the way I have heard local guitar shops say they are dissappointed with both Gibson and Fender because they almost always have to re-setup the guitars when they receive them. They say the quality is just not what it used to be.
  7. I have the same problem. I bought my ES339 in May "from zzounds.com" with the case, but the case was backordered. I check all the websites every day. I've contacted Epiphone and they just said they are backordered to contact my reseller. I've contacted zzounds 3 times. They said they had some coming in - in september and then the next batch in november. The ones in sept are already promised "i'm hoping to be one of those people". I've thought about a gig bag, but I want decent protection for my guitar. I play out every week and sometimes take my es339 "in the front seat with me", just because I want to play it. It's frustrating, but I want the correct case.
  8. Still no ES-339 case available. I used Epiphone "Gibson" online support 3 days ago. No response yet.
  9. I actually have one on order from zzounds since June. I guess I'll wait a little longer. I called them and they said either August or September. The date on the webpage changes every week or so. I guess I need patience. This is a pretty good guitar for price. I like that it's lighter than my Les Paul.
  10. I have an Epiphone ES-339. I bought 2 months ago. I still can't get a guitar case for my guitar. All the online stores state "coming soon", but it never comes. Seems like Epiphone built the guitar but not the case. I'm a little frustrated because I won't gig with the guitar without a case. I bought it so I would not have to use 1978 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe so much. Can anyone suggest an alternative case? Most of the cases I've looked at are either not wide enough for the body or cost as much as the guitar.
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