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  1. Hi Sal, The great thing is you got the first gig out of the way! You did it. So you can do it again. Sorry the D 35 didn't behave. I blame it on gremlins.
  2. Hi Dan, I feel your pain. But if the guitar sounds and feels right, you'll likely forget the sting of a reset after a while. For one thing, you're getting new frets, so think of that as "routine maintenance."
  3. Zombie, If Gibson was consistent in the way they handle those details, wouldn't they suddenly not be Gibson any more? I reckon there's a special "secret" production manager who passes the lore down from one generation to the next (sort of akin to the late Prince Albert's butler). He comes out of hiding to deliberately fudge the details on some guitars--just to keep frustrating anyone who is looking for a pattern. He's in charge of stuff like pick guard choice and placement, logo positioning, and on his best days, he creates absolutely brain-wracking model numbers, so that a J45N can
  4. Beautiful guitar, Bram. I reckon your weekend will be joyful.
  5. Hi Rambler, I have liked LG1s, and for a few years I had a Kalamzoo KG 14 (a close cousin). But as much as I liked it, it seemed in my hands a one-trick pony. It had no sustain--a very dry guitar. I think LG2s have a richer sound.
  6. Hi Sal, I used to think the guard made a difference. Perhaps the slabs like those on the Everly Brothers guitars did. But the modern thin guards don't appear to be tone killers to me. If it were mine, I'd go with a tortoise colored J 50 style Guard--that would be the 60s B25n look.
  7. Gibby has done short runs of these before. I've seen two come up used from a run in 96. Those were odd birds in that they had banners but block logos. Anachronism is a Gibson specialty.
  8. Cool beans, Sal! Man, that's the life. Vacation on the shore with the family and a new guitar. I'm a big LG2 fan--that's a very comfortable guitar with well-balanced treble and midrange. You'll find yourself playing it on the couch a lot.
  9. Good job, Sal. When I saw Stills perform this, I realized that he simply used drop d on this tune (as you do), at least when he did it live.
  10. My recollection is the same as Zombiewoof's: I remember seeing the Kalamazoo all mahogany guitar with the melody maker headstock around 69. I used to see the electrics in pawn shops in the 70s--I think they were shaped like SGs but had bolt on necks. It was about this time that Epiphone got off shored.
  11. Don't forget the J 45N. There was a new one at Sweetwater a couple of years back. Yes, it looked a lot like a J 50.
  12. Like ZW, I have a disclaimer: I have not played but a handful of SJs or SJNs from the 60s. Nonetheless, I think that that bridge is a replacement. It looks bigger than the standard belly. We can tell that the saddle is newer. I'm thinking a thoughtful former owner swapped out the ADJ. It's a nifty example of the rope-bound CW label, ain't it?
  13. Yorick


    Hi Owf, I had that same "wonder" some time back. I'm reckoning that Gibson stains the mahogany dark so as to blend with the black outer bands of their classic sunbursts? My J 50, being a natural top, has very light back and sides. I have also noticed over the years that what happens one day at the factory might not happen another: last year, I was at luthier Herb Key's shop getting some help with my Gurian. Herb had a few guitars he was working on. One was a KG 14--with a beautiful light brown back and sides. I had never seen one with anything but the dark stain.
  14. Yorick


    Hi JG2, I was saddened to open the news to see the final Ramone's passing. They all died far too young. I remember the energy they brought to the stage; they were a great live band.
  15. Good to hear, Randmo. I've yet to play one (thankfully, I don't live near a 5-star dealer), but I sure look forward to getting my hands on one sometime soon.
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