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    Gibsons, cars, rock n' roll, hockey, Manchester City, vintage music gear, cooking, reading, movies.
  1. It is a great looking guitar, that is for certain. That color is just awesome. I tend to agree with everyone else. You'd likely be better off selling it as is. You won't get back the extra money you put into it when you sell it, and you'll be appealing to a far smaller group of buyers regardless of if the mods you made make it better; which I would imagine they would. You never know though, if you make the changes, you may end up not being able to part with it!
  2. Thank you all so much. You all made some great points and provided some excellent insight. I agree that the tone on the guitar is great already, but, because I will be buying a Gibson version, I am going to use this one to mess around with a little. I am going to the shop today to pick out a few things, and will keep you updated.
  3. I have an Epiphone Es-339 that I bought to mess with before I got a Gibson one. I have been looking around at swapping the pickups, and met a guy who had P-90s. Although I am generally not a fan of them, I must admit, it sounded great. I can try and get a recording of it from him.
  4. Anything you might be able to compare it to?
  5. Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. I just can't get enough of the Noel Gallagher sound. It just does the job for me. Cheers.
  6. I picked up an Epiphone ES-339, because I wanted to try out the smaller semi-hollow without spending Gibson money right away. I have a Gibson 355 that I love, and the tone is perfect. I am considering swapping out the pickups on the 339, and I was curious to see what experiences or suggestions anyone may be able to share. I appreciate your help!
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