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  1. Apparently, according to many sources they refer to Pat. Applied pickups as 'PAF'. The nickname stuck. Thanks for the site suggestion!
  2. Hello, I've not much knowledge of Gibsons proper or their components but I recently purchased a Fender Mustang and found a humbucker in it. I didn't know what it was but thought it might be a Gibson due to the sticker (I've seen it before) so I've tried to do some research. I believe it may be an early 60's 'PAF' humbucker. I was looking for help 100% ID'ing it. Not sure if the wires and components are all original if it is in fact the 60's PAF. Here's what I see so far: -L-tooling marks are present -Patent sticker looks original -Copper-colored coil windings -Square-in-circ
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