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  1. Hey guys, I'm still here. Just haven't stopped in much and I missed this post until now. I do appreciate everyone's well wishes and I'm happy to say that, even though my lung cancer is stage 4, the chemo has been working well. Tumors have shrunk and in remission. I was able to play a gig this past Sunday and, even though I got a bit short of breath, it went well. I believe I'm gonna be around at least a few more years. Still playing a lot and loving my Gibsons. Thanks again everyone. And to 62burst-I got both messages via e-mail and answered both the same way. I guess there was a problem with
  2. That guy is some awesome talent. Not at all surprised to see him at an open mic as open mic's have changed a great deal. I hope I don't sound arrogant here, but open mics used to be a place for folks who mostly weren't ready to perform in public yet to get a bit of experience. Nowadays, there just aren't enough places for the very talented/seasoned performers to play and they will most often be found at open mics only to get some exposure or maybe sell some cd's. I know a few guys who actually include their open mic dates on their performance schedule e-mails. And they are such a big draw, the
  3. Yes, this model looks pretty poor but I'd recommend everyone google Norman Blake's 1934 Martin D-18H. In my opinion, simply the finest sounding guitar I've ever heard. Listen to Norman's early recordings or check out a few Youtube videos where he uses this guitar. Simply amazing.
  4. Great read merseybeat. At one time I used to repair violins as a hobby. And, of course, I did a lot of studying. I was always amazed that hide glue could form such a strong bond, yet the bond could easily be broken. Of course, it must be heated and does take longer to dry and, I believe, this is why the common practice today is to use Tite Bond or similar. Or perhaps the belief is that Tite Bond will actually form a stronger joint. I remember reading an article one time that someone had been amazed (and horrified) because Stu Mossman would put a flat blade chisel against the edge and give it a
  5. How'd you do that 62burst. It looks exactly like the one at GC. Have I been duped by Photoshop perhaps? I don't think you live in my area, so, oh wait, maybe you pulled the photo off the GC website. Anyway,I just wanted to note something similar. Awhile back I was selling my '69 silverface Fender Princeton. There were several things about it that weren't original. After having the buyer talk about all these things that weren't original and the rough overall condition as the reasons he could only give me $300 (which I reluctantly accepted),on his way out the door he looked back with a grin
  6. Of course I agree with you guys. My only concerns are tone and playability. However, that crowd that was mentioned does exist and my friend must cater to them in order to make a living. His clientele will rarely buy anything that's not all original (or that appears all original, if you know what I mean). This worked to my advantage last December when he traded me a '53 J50 for my all original '65 J50 ADJ. I don't care that the original finish has been stripped and a few light coats re-applied. I just know that, compared to the '65, it's a tone monster. Of course, it doesn't hurt that it's also
  7. So, I went back to the acoustic room (like I always do) before leaving Guitar Center yesterday. When I walked in a guy was playing one of the most amazing sounding Gibson slopes I've ever heard. Then I took a close look at it. It was a 1964 J50 ADJ that someone had put a Dove bridge (which was cracked) and pickguard on. Their asking price was $1699. Of course, if it had been all original for that price it would have come home with me. But the sound was unreal and it was light as a feather.I sent an e-mail to my friend the vintage guitar dealer suggesting that he look into it. I know he has acc
  8. Great suggestion. I've been thinking of buying one or a pair of these. Another option is the CAD M179 from ZenPro Audio for $129. I don't know if anyone else sells it that cheap. Multi pattern and, if I remember right, it has 8 or 9 positions. This mic is referred to as the "poor man's 414" and for good reason. Larry
  9. I had a '65 J50 ADJ that I took to my guy and had him make a Brazilian insert and a bone saddle. Making a big replacement saddle only would probably be cheaper. Either way, just make sure you don't do anything that can't easily be restored to original condition. Re: the bone vs. Tusq-I really prefer bone myself.
  10. I've been wondering for awhile myself why they would discontinue such a great instrument. Maybe it didn't sell all that well and if you look at what Gibson now offers, it's pretty much all their traditional models so maybe that's it. I wish everyone could play one once, at least the one that zulukid owns. He's put this guitar up for sale several times and always seems to end up changing his mind. But we've both been taking the plunge toward smaller bodied guitars (triple 0/ L00 size)lately so maybe he'll go through with it this time.
  11. EA I suggest you don't check one out because, even though it's not of the traditional Gibson design, it does still say Gibson on the headstock and is an amazing guitar. Got a feeling if you played one you'd immediately want to add to your ever growing Gibson collection LOL.
  12. Sorry, I guess I was being overly sensitive because he's such a close friend. I guess I'm not in on why Wily needs some ribbing, but all's fair right?
  13. Well,it says "newbie' and was his first post. So, please give the guy a break. And I recognize every detail from his post, so I know who the guy is-he's my musical partner and very best friend in the whole world. I imagine he was doing a search on this model because he was contemplating putting the guitar up for sale, which he has now done. I am thinning my own herd and don't currently have the money or I'd probably buy it myself. Anyway, please try to be a bit more understanding. We all make mistakes. I know I make plenty. And it's not the first time someone has resurrected an old post. Thank
  14. One more thing-these are great sub-mixers if you take more than one guitar to a gig or open mic so you can tweak each one and use a single input on the stage snake. You might have to invest in a line level to mic level convertor of some sort but, for one channel, I suspect it would be pretty cheap. Always good to have lots of options. Edit: I just checked and found that this mixer has a mute button on every channel, so it would be perfect for plugging in several guitars and muting the ones you're not playing at the moment.
  15. Sorry I didn't answer your question sooner BK. I have never had experience with running an unpowered mixer with powered speakers. I've always used my Yamaha EM88SX powered mixer along with JBL JRX series speakers. I just this past week sold all my live sound gear since a.) I rarely used it and b.) it's just too heavy for me anymore (I'll turn 60 this year and I have cancer, so I need to take it easy on my body). That being said, I have heard others use this set up and was a bit envious. You can set that small mixer on a stand right next to you(without it being a distraction) to dial in the co
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