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  1. A kind soul at Gibson customer service suggested that the value of 70's Gibsons would go up, soon- of course he couldn't speculate as to when. As I play lefty, the 71 SG I have is not something I would play- can't just restring it, the bridge is mounted at an angle biased for wrong-handed (sorry, just had to do that!) players, and I am not going to re-drill it! So, it would sit around most of the time, occasionally played by a visitor but mostly just having the strings rust into uselessness... Anybody wanna speculate as to how long I might have to keep it before it's value doubles, or be
  2. I like the "Meet Me In St. Louie" solution. Post #9...
  3. "I have a dream..." Post #8. Is anybody getting steamed with me, yet? :)
  4. I prefer Grover tuners to Kudsons, IMO they work better. And who really sees the back of your headstock? Post #6...
  5. I think that rule sucks. Yeah, yeah, I know, I know, there for a reason. Blah blah blah. Post #5...
  6. Dunno why, but the pics are not posting for me. LOL if Gibson "made" a Gibson out of a Harmony. Post #4...
  7. Also have a 68 Gibson TU-1 ukulele, with original alligator-tolex case. Post #3...
  8. Steve B

    71 SG

    Got a 71 SG, patent pickups, Lyre and logo tremolo. Post #2...
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