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  1. Selling for less than a TV J200 not TV J45 though. And it's most definitely not a prototype (very reputable dealer). On a side note, if anyone in the UK is thinking of dealing with GAK in brighton, I'd have second thoughts. The guy in the acoustic department was a real *** when I asked for help today. It seems he's all joy and giggles if your about to spend some serious green, but cold and unhelpful if your just looking for some friendly advice.
  2. In the UK, a Brazillian AJ luthiers choice is selling at 9k, which is a fair old whack (and most def a bit over priced). Sounds like a good deal you have there. I'm really jealous :-
  3. Mike, rrp = recommended retail price (it's a uk thing). I'm aware that guitars are never sold at the manufacturers suggested price and are always discounted, but I was wondering why it is that the legend is discounted at a much higher ratio. For example, here in the UK (where there are very few available) one can be picked up for £2800, which is less than a TV J200. I guess, as you said, it's to do with supply and demand, and the fact that people are hesitant to pay over the odds for a new build J45 (even if it has been built to exact historical standards). Anyway, I think it's a beauty of a guitar, as is the AJ LC, and if I didn't have bills to pay and film to buy, money would most definitely have already changed hands for the legend!
  4. Yea, the one I played (brazilian) sung like something else. I've found quite a few for sale from some really great dealers in the US, but unfortunately none in the UK. Still I'm not looking to buy it until April, so that gives me some breathing space. If anyone happens to come across one. give us a shout :-) Looking at the J45 Legend, seems odd that they are all been sold WAY under rrp... Perhaps not that great a seller? Oh, and on another note, played a J200 Western Classic with Brazilian back and sides. Was probably the nicest sound I've ever heard a piece of wood produce. Pic below
  5. Very nicely arranged and played Jeff! Don't stray too far to the dark side...
  6. The quilted is 100% hand on heart guaranteed solid :-). As far as electronics go, you'd have to call them to find out, as it's a custom model.
  7. I think, as I already said before, the woods are pretty much exactly the same. Only the grain differs... To find out which one sounds better, you would have to go play them both. I know I'd be wary handing over nearly 3k without trying it out first. Oh, and they are both solid wood guitars. Don't know where you got the impression that the quilted wasn't...
  8. Ok, so I know I've only just taken delivery of my lovely J200 VOS, but I'd always planned on getting a round shoulder as well (sold some work a little while ago and promised myself 2 new gibbos). Either an AJ or J45 of some sort is what I'm after, and I've recently had the chance to play a quite wonderful AJ luthiers choice (pictured below), with a Brazilian back and sides. Unfortunately the price wasn't quite as wonderful (9.5k sterling). I'm just as happy with Madagascan or Indian rosewood, if it's to be an AJ, and hog if it's a J45. Has anyone seen any of these luthiers choice AJ's floating around or had a chance to play one? Also, did they ever do a Luthiers Choice J45? Finally, should I not find one, I'm prob going to go for a J45, either true vintage (or VOS) or the legends model, as there is a great deal on a new one here in the UK. Does the super wide neck on the Legends model make it harder to play? Questions questions lol.
  9. Well, there essentially very similar. The sunburst model has fitted electronics, so playing live would be a doddle. The other version, has different tuners and quilted rather than flamed maple (this wont effect the sound). It comes down to preference really, but I'd probably go for the quilted version, simply for re-sale reasons. You can always mount a pick up for your live gigs... Either way, your getting a beauty of a guitar!
  10. Sure you can Glorbon. It's nothing fancy at all, just a single SE2200a condenser running through an Apogee duet. I sometimes use a pencil mic as well on the 12'th fret, but only if I need extra clarity. This jumbo seems to suit one mic really well.
  11. Thanks guys! The smell that wafts out is great (I'm assuming it's a unique aroma from the hot hide glue), although it initially smelt like chocolate, then like a wet dog, and now it's gone back to chocolate (thank god). I had a chance to play the J45 VOS as well Jannusguy, was a truly wonderful guitar. In fact it's on my wish list at the moment!
  12. Looks like it's fairly new (tuners especially). Although judging by the Farfisa Compact, I'd guess the band are perhaps into some vintage stuff?
  13. A couple of you may recall I was after a J200 Western Classic a couple of months back. Anyway, I ended up buying a True Vintage Lt Ed VOS instead. It has a wonderful mid end and the Adi top should open up nicely. Here's a couple of pics, and a very quick (and very shoddy, one mic jobby) recording to see how she plays :-) MP3 of the beast
  14. That's some of the sweetest Koa I've seen... And the pickguard! Your a lucky fella
  15. Well, just played a J-200 VOS TV and the tone was just so warm and bright, bought the guitar on the spot :-) Can post some pics if any ones interested?
  16. Hey Mike, We'll I'm certainly not 100% set on the western classic, although it's def a J-200 of some sort I'm after. My guitar dealer just called to say he had a TV Ltd J-200 which sounds quite nice. Anyone got any experience comparing the two? It probably sounds pathetic, but I'm not a big fan of the gold Gotoh tuners (or the grovers on the modern classics). Is it possible to drop in a set of Waverly's in their place?
  17. Firstly, lo'everybody. Long time lurker, first time poster (well not that long really). I've saved up a bit of cash and am looking to get my hands on a prewar western classic J-200. The rosewood tone really gets me going :-) Anyway, here's my problem, I'm after a 2007/08 model, but can't seem to find one in the UK anywhere :-(. Tried googling, ebaying and the usually stockists (GAK, GuitarGuitar etc.) and they don't have any in stock... Soooo anyone got any ideas? Oh and anyone actually played one or owns one? I'd love to hear what you thought
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