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  1. Willy and Jrplefty, that was just awesome! Wonderful start to my day to get to listen to some REAL musicians playing REAL music (before I toodle off to the gym and have to put up with Beyonce and Rhianna all afternoon Can't wait to hear some more tunes. JrpLefty, why don't you have a go at Proud Mountains? I recon it would sound amazing in your style!
  2. Well, now you can record both at the same sitting I'm lookin forward you hearing yours!
  3. So here it is, number 2 in the Gibson forum covers challenge extravaganza bonanza spectacular! Townes Van Zandt was suggested so I went ahead and recorded Colorado Girl. Would love to hear some people do some different Townes numbers though! Man I love this forum. Oh annnnnnd. I'm not a lefty ;-) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fsNv62q4aYE DAMN IT, I forgot my cup of tea....
  4. I'm gunna start a Townes Covers thread now. Watch this space....er that space
  5. We should totally do this with a Townes number! I like your suggestion AnneS. Or how about Proud Mountains, Rex's Blues, Come Tomorrow or Colorado Girl?
  6. Just thought I'd move my vid into this thread as requested. Wish I'd used the J45 now... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6upoJuCKBws
  7. Thanks guys! I'm not really used to singing this style and so low. I (sort of) play and sing for a living and am usually pretty good at hitting (most of) the notes, although the guy I play with has the real voice between us. As for my gear, I'm really embarrassed to say that I had my J45 TV within an arms reach, but laziness prevailed (it's all cased up in a calton) and I opted for my epiphone el-00. What do you mean about playing backwards?
  8. Saw the thread and thought I'd give it a bash! I'm afraid the quality is sub standard (as is my playing and singing but that's another issue!). I literally learned the song this morning so I hope I didn't completely slaughter it. Buc and AnneS, your version really blew me away! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6upoJuCKBws
  9. I use a Calton case for my J-45 (direct from Keith in Guillford, England). Can't say enough good things about it! It's not much heaver than the standard true vintage case (if at all) and it's built like a WWII tank! Loooong time to wait though (little under a year).
  10. It's a cleaner and polish (which I use on all my guitars) specifically designed for guitars with a nitro finish. It's non abrasive and is specially formulated to break down the undesirable gunk only. T-Cut is an abrasive polish with micro granules that re agitate the paint in order to work out small marks and scratches. I wouldn't even use T-cut on my car, let alone a Gibson. Seriously, DO NOT USE T-CUT ON A GUITAR WITH A NITRO FINISH. Fine for getting a small scratch out of a urethane finish though!
  11. Splendiforous tune! I'd sure like to hear it done by the full band if you have any recordings available?
  12. My J45 in a Calton Case is no lightweight. If it's standard walking whilst carrying that is giving you issues, can I suggest some bicep curls and some shoulder presses? Might sound silly but you can add 30% to your strength in a month or so which would really help.
  13. I've been through so many brands of string now I loose count. Tried the DR's (hated them) and eventually settled on Newtone Masterclass light's. They sound pretty good all round on my J 45. Tried the Newtone heritage and they were nasty. Dead sounding from day one and not comfortable to play. My revelation came recently when stringsdirect was out of stock of the Newtones. I ended up buying a set of these: Best decision ever. These strings are PERFECT for a J45 and offer a warmth I'm yet to see matched. Combine this with the low tension and playability and it's a winner. Oh yea, and I've had them on two weeks and no dulling as yet!
  14. I was being a tard, should be working now. And thanks for looking!
  15. So thanks to everyone who listened and voted on my track a while back. It got some great airtime and I subsequently formed an acoustic duo with another singer songwriter. Perhaps this wouldn't have happened without the good folks here at the Gibson acoustic forum... who knows! Anyways... We've got 3 tracks you can listen to and download for free on our facebook page if anyone is so inclined: BirdBrother Facebook We've managed to get some great gigs so far, and will hopefully be performing for Jeff Beck soon! We'd love to do a little tour of venues in the US next year, perhaps either in the Colorado area, or in Austin. If anyone could shoot any venue names and/or contact details I sure would appreciate it!
  16. Very nice, although they missed the part where the Feds bust in and send everyone home for the day... I'm JOKING of course
  17. He seems like he's made from the right stuff. Really cool videos
  18. Tru oil is a great non sticky finish option (it's what I have on my custom tele's neck) but any nitro finish will stick to some degree. Removing finish will cause disaster as you will be allowing moisture into the pores of the wood.
  19. Read the description, the guy has merely set the auction at $1million to garner attention in the hopes that someone will provide him with an accurate description and/or value (which is a bit cheeky really).
  20. Short answer; yes! My 45-TV is my gigging guitar complete with UK made Calton case. It goes everywhere with me, so I didn't hesitate to install a pick up. I have an LR baggs M1 Active in it (permanently installed and drilled). Zero regrets here. Best guitar I ever did play
  21. Sure the kid's got big skills. But he's no Wing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u9ZdTnJ9X9Y
  22. Awesome, tell him I really like his stuff and good luck with the music! I struggle with the scene here in Brighton sometimes. It seems to be full of eager kids, but lacks and real substance :-( Hopefully that'll change soon enough though. I've heard some cracking bands recently out in the sticks in Sussex though!
  23. Thanks Nick! Well it's me playing everything so only the guitar parts half decent ;-) There's a bit of mandolin and a lead part which I was experimenting with my new Memory Man pedal. Also there's a pretty bad bass and drum part, but I might get around to doing a better recording some time!
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