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  1. I played the John Hiatt model about a week ago before eventually settling on a TV instead. It was a very well made instrument, but was a bit dead sounding, with a lack of sustain. Next to the TV there really was no comparison! The pickup it comes with is top notch though, so if your a live player who likes to plug in this is probably a great choice. I honestly think that the J-45 TV is as good as a guitar can get (sound wise as it's low on bling for those who like it) for people who play and sing. It's got such an earthy warm sound.
  2. Haven't posted for a while, but that video was 3 minutes of my life I'll never get back.
  3. This thread is awesome! So many cool jobs, and we've all one amazing thing in common! I'm a photographer too Jeff, and I also run a small blog if anyone fancies a read: Studio Ninja
  4. I have some Tusq bridge pins and I'm damned if I can tell the difference between them and plastic ones...
  5. Think of how many better ways you can spend $40! It's a pick....
  6. Convert it into an .mp3 and upload it. I upload mine to my own website, but youtube works just as well!
  7. So a while back some of us all vowed to write a song for the forum and to post it here. I did one and you can listen below. Anyone else finished theres? I'll be honest, I was just going to post a song I'd recorded anyway, but thought, nah I'll write one just for you guys!! Here it is: Leave A little
  8. I also happen to believe that Sitka or European Spruce gives a nicer tone for the early life of a guitar. Then Addi really comes into it's own after several years of playing and ageing.
  9. I replaced the crappy grover-mini tuners on my el-00 for some Waverly ivoroid's. Not the easiest task in the world but certainly not more than 45 mins work. The bushings for Waverly's are smaller so you need the larger ones available from stew mac, but even then they don't sit in the holes very snug due to the lack of a nasty washer to hold them firm. To get around this I used some hog dowel I had lying around to plug the holes, which I then re-drilled. Another option would be slightly larger bushings, but I'm not sure there available... You can see (from the terrible iphone pictures) that there is a slight residue in the finish left from where the washers were removed (just like with Ryan's), but it's barely noticeable and as it's a cheap guitar I'm not about to spend any more time making it perfect. New holes needed drilling for screws, and I plugged the old holes with Mahogany splinters and then touched up the top with black nail varnish. I then smoothed this with wet and dry and buffed to a shine (the pictures were taken just before this stage).
  10. I'm saving for this baby but every time I get close something comes up and steals away my hard (ha!) earned cash. One day though....
  11. Absolutely brilliant! I can't tell you how jealous the sunny and warm looking background makes me (having said that it seems today could almost pass for summer here in the UK...). Have you been posting these clips elsewhere? You should probably try and get them on a few blogs, it would be a shame for people not to se them!
  12. Your "death don't have no mercy" was a cover of Hot Tuna's version anyway right? I think you sang it quite similar to Jorma Kaukonen with nice tone. But yea, def a bit more volume, or at least a separate mic for vocals so you can add some gain after
  13. A guitar is just a tool, nothing is more important than your health. Hell if any of my instruments were causing me pain I'd give them up in a second for something that didn't. Perhaps you could have sold your SJ and walked away with some cash in your pocket, but at least with a straight up trade you loose nothing and gain everything. Perhaps it's for the best that you didn't spray it gold!
  14. I think he means that you need to sing a bit louder
  15. When I used to work in a wine shop, we had no central heating and in the winter the boss would crack open a bottle of Taliskar every few days to help warm us up. I normally drink Black label though... I find the taste more complex than a single malt.
  16. British beer eh, well living in Sussex I'd have to say Harvey's hands down, and if your about on the 5th, a pint of Bonfire Boy will knock your socks off. We don't get any american beers here, mainly because we import so many from europe. Plenty of US larger but were talking beer right? If were talking continental beer, then I think Europe has plenty of wonderful blond and brown ale's. Some of the better ones include Lefe, Hoegarden Grand Cru, oh and coopers is my fave non European micro brewery.
  17. ^ This is why I'm not on facebook... Welcome to the forum kemosabi
  18. Or you could save up and pop for this badboy (Brazillian Luthier's Choice) from Cranes:
  19. Arn't classical guitars usually fitted with lighter necks sans trus rod?
  20. I've got a load of randoms in an old tobacco tin and tend to go for either a 0.71 tortex or a0.60 nylon. But I'm 90% fingers (ahem) so my picks don't see much action these days...
  21. Actually, if you follow some good instructions, I think making your own nut is pretty easy. You just need a few basic tools and a small vice. How to make a nut
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