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  1. It could be that it will effect the tone of your guitar, but then again maybe not. If your going to buy some, get them because you like the look of them and anything else will be a bonus. I just upgraded my el-00 to a bone saddle, bone nut and waverly tuners so I couldn't afford Colosi pins, but I got some tusq ones and to be honest they just look like plastic. If the pins are to big for your bridge you can always ream it out very slightly (and carefully). I actually quite like the plastic ones Martin use as standard and from what I gather they age fairly rapidly.
  2. Wow, your still in highschool? I'm very impressed! Keep working at it and keep writing those songs. As Cunk suggested open mics are always the best place to start. If you play well you will often be asked back for a solo show as well.
  3. Sub I really don't think he was referring to you. I think he meant just to ignore the naysayers. Nearly everything in music is subjective, and ultimately, if you like something and you believe that it makes a difference then thats all that matters. I've spent 100'0s hours listening to some of what I consider the finest music ever made, but I would never begrudge another from expressing his/her negative opinion on any of it (although I would no longer associate with said person and would probably call them a %&@£ behind there back). I recently bought a £250 reflection filter for my vocal condenser mic. And I know that if I brought it up in certain discussions (I work above a recording studio) I'd be called all sorts and would be told I could have achieved the same effect with a duvet and a small amount of acoustic foam. But I think it's made a world of difference to my recording irregardless of anything else.
  4. I've had that happen with a few songs lol. If George Harrison can (almost) get away with it, then so can you :-)
  5. Don't take this the wrong way, but this seems to be heavily influenced by Bang Bang (Nancy Sinatra). The first two lines are almost identical :-) Perhaps just a funny coincidence! Nice playing though, and singing!
  6. Nah, it's cool, was just wondering really. Good luck with the guitar re-finishing! Oh and I managed to get a new pickguard from gibson free buy pestering them with emails (the original one had paint problems).
  7. When I'm sanding small flat pieces of wood evenly (usually for tenon through wedges) I affix them using a cold tack adhesive to the bottom of a larger block of wood which I can grip. Gluing the sandpaper down to a plank of wood will also help avoid accidents... It's funny you should make this thread, I just made a new [camel] bone saddle for my EL-00 and it totally changed the tone. I also replaced the tuners with Waverly's, so it's pretty much a EL-00 custom now ;-)
  8. My cat wont stop eating the rubber off of my Shubb cappos. It's really peeing me off and I didn't notice before a gig last week. Any capo that is cat proof is of interest to me!
  9. French polishing would work if you had no finish on your guitar to begin with. If you have bits of nitro to remove it could prove tiresome... Don't take this the wrong way Mooboo, but do you mind if I ask why you have a quote from the bible on your signature. I tend to stay away from politics and religion, and kind of thought a guitar forum would have no place for such commentary. Perhaps it's something music related and I'm just being dumb....
  10. Probably because some people like the idea of playing in there guitars naturally. And also because it requires frequent (not every day but as I understand it you have to use it more than once) use to be truly effective.
  11. Hohner... You can also buy his played in harps, if your that such way inclined
  12. Electrics shmelectrics
  13. Jeeze, this has turned crazy. Firstly, it's perfectly possible to go round a girls house to play music with no ulterior motive. I've done it many a time and regularly record with both male and female musicians without any awkwardness. The guy sounds like a bit of a ******, but who here hasn't made plans and then broke them off with a poor excuse... It seems that a few people on this thread are incapable of spending time with a woman without freaking out. If you want a serious partner to play with on a regular basis, can I suggest you attend some jam nights and open mics. You'll find a host of people who like to get together and play, most of whom will be a bit more serious then someone who tends to reply to craigslist adds. I speak from experience as when I used to play in bands I'd often respond to adds on the Gumtree (UK version of Craigslist) and every single one of them turned out to be a time waster... Musicians I've met through playing music however, tend to be on there game a bit more. Good luck!
  14. The way I see it, with all the subtle differences in Microphones, expensive preamps, vintage compressors and the like, you'd be cazy not to try a tonerite. I know that after a few days of playing my guitars sound amazing, and the only other thing that makes as much of a difference is the weather and the room acoustics. Id be very interested in your findings Hanners!
  15. I leave a tub of opened baking soda in the cupboard under the stairs to help stop the damp smell and it works pretty well. Not sure I'd put it in my guitar though...
  16. I've been using a set of pro-pik finger picks, the ones with the cut away, for the last few weeks and it's really brought out more tone from my smaller guitars (epi el-00). You can't really use them on coated strings, and the metal thumb pick isn't to everyones taste, but I def recommend you give them a try if you ever play finger style!
  17. Yea it sounds like it could be a warranty issue, if the finish is actually being redistributed around the neck as you play. If it's just sticky then it's nothing to worry about at all, especially in a hot climate! My J200 TV didn't have this problem, but the finish was very thin and hadn't been buffed to a gloss in the factory. You could try some Virtuoso polish to see if that offers you some protection, or a few thick coats or Ronseal acrylic varnish should do the trick . If your used to Martins then it will be a different feeling as they use nitro for the body and polyurethane for the necks. Funnily enough after a few months of playing my 000-28vs the once matt finish neck is now a very high gloss finish.
  18. It would be very sad to loose touch with all you guys. So if it ever looks like this place is going down, please someone post a link to the new hideout. I think if Gibson were to ever get in serious trouble and need a buyout, then the new owner would keep this forum going. But lets hope it doesn't come to that. Gibson is so much more than a guitar to me, and is a very important part of American music history, hopefully Henry will swing things around in time...
  19. He's very good, and that video put a huge grin on my face!
  20. Guitar playing is pretty dull, but she has a wonderful voice IMO
  21. A song I wrote ages ago, but only just got around to recording (I didn't bother including the chorus as it dont translate so well to spoken verse ) Bluebird Heading out To Mexico When I get back You won't be alone I left her there With broken wings But my Bluebird She sings and sings Chorus Moving out to Illinois Hundred miles and she'll be mine Rivers wide and mountains tall My Bluebird She lights them all Chorus One more time Cross empty seas With lonesome sails She waits for me Like the sun She walks beside me Oh my Bluebird Flys free Chorus When summers pass and winters fall I cannot hear My Bluebirds call I found her cold With tears of snow Now my Bluebird Her hair hangs low
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