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  1. Thanks Firelight, that was beautiful, why on earth take such a long break from playing?
  2. Personally I just like to pick around the chords of the song, until I combine some sort of melody with a pleasing picking pattern. But this is just because I perform alone most of the time and try to fill the sound out a bit. Listen to people like John Martyn, Dylan and Townes for relatively simple picking patterns that sound fantastic with a sung melody. I'm completely self taught (never been shown anything on guitar, learn't everything from listening) and started off finger picking by trying to replicate Mississippi John Hurt and Dylan (stack-o-lee was the first picking I ever attempted). If your not already proficient at picking though, maybe start the song with the chords picked as an outline, then go into chords with individual notes flatpicked whilst you sing.
  3. Now this is what you call innovation ! Perhaps if Gibson started marketing them...
  4. I love how he lets his hair down and puts on a hat for his rendition of "Beat It"
  5. @Onewillyfool It's downright CRIMINAL that you only have two recordings with a sound like that.
  6. Lovely production Clayville! Theres clearly an acoustic in there. The Electrics sound great too. Meanstreak: Cool idea, in the video it looked like you were driving around the UK (probably just because the weather looked grey and dull... Better get yourself a Gibson soon before it's too late
  7. I'm sure this had been done before, but what with all this talk of quality control and dodgy CEO's (whats new there) I thought it might be nice to focus on what really matters after all (the music of course). Nearly everyone on here has recorded themselves at one time or another, so lets share some playing, maybe even record something new, whatever... I always take inspiration from others playing (and I know there's some real talent on here) and have been introduced to some great artists through this forum. I'll start with a cover of Townes classic "Rex's Blues" (still performed by Wrecks Bell today I believe). I don't have a youtube account (or a video recorder) so it's mp3 link'd: Rex's Blues Played on a Gibson of course ;-)
  8. I will literally never look at an Ovation in the same way again
  9. I guess all us acoustic owners have "got wood" so to speak...
  10. Yea, either of the troubadours really, although I haven't played a maple bodied anything other than j200 but I'd definitely be game. I tried guitar junction and he's going to see what he can do, but there just doesn't seem to be many floating around. I'm working in Tunbridge this friday so may see what I can dig up. Thanks for the help as always!
  11. I think guitars will continue to be made outa wood long as were all alive. If they stop making instruments out of wood, then they have to stop making furniture, wine barrels and baseball bats out of wood too. Which isn't going to happen. I think that mahogany production will cease at some point, as will all the other rosewoods, but only till numbers climb. Theres lots of other woods that make good guitars. Personally I like to make all of mine out of compressed Eagles feathers and Unicorn hide.
  12. Wow it's been ages since I posted, but I've been checking in from time to time. I adore my epiphone el-00 and to be honest, tend to play it more than my Martin 000-28vs which is crazy because that was my dream machine. But this epiphone (fully customised with pick guard removal, bone saddle and nut, new groovy grover tuners and a baggs m1) just SUDDENLY opened up. Sounds ridiculous I know, but it really did just start sounding like a million bucks for no apparent reason. The weathers not changed, the strings were already broken in, and my playing can't possibly have gotten better overnight. Anyway, point is it now sounds awesome, and Jinder if your thinking of getting one, it will be the best £200 you EVER spend (stick a pickup in there and replace the saddle and nut straight away). All this sunburst has got me a hankering for a spankering for another NL burst style steelstring. I think the recording king rnj 16 is right up there for value for money and has solid wood all round. Problem is, I can't bloody find one... If ANYONE can point me in the right direction, I would be very very grateful! Oh, and to prove how good it sounds now (the epiphone) I recorded on of my newer songs with it (the crappy lead part, the picking is my Martin) on a fairly cheap pencil mic straight into logic. Feel free to take a ganders if you will: bluebird mp3
  13. Wonderful clip and recording. Definitely a bit of Quicksilver Messenger Service coming through there.
  14. I kinda like it. It has......character
  15. It's really not that challenging
  16. The man's done more for music than most, and has written some wonderful songs both in the past and present. Anyone who hasn't been inspired to explore his work, should probably do so, before writing him off. Having said that, Together Through Life, in my eyes is weaker than Modern Times, but on a par with Time out of Mind. His music has matured nicely with his audience, more than can be said for many musicians. Oh, and my folks saw him live last Monday (couldn't get tickets myself), and said it was still a pleasure.
  17. Different strokes for different folks. What would this world be without choice eh? One mans Gibson is another mans Taylor. Hell, I was playing a Jim Deacon Jap Laminate acoustic for most of my life, because it was all I could afford. Had someone given me a Taylor back then, I would have been jumping for joy. I play a Gibson J200 now, and have bonded well with it, but in the back of my mind, I am always aware that it is just a tool. Like a decent set of chisels for a carpenter. And if it ever broke, whilst I'd be very sad, it certainly wouldn't stop me making music...
  18. I've seen the guy perform on many occasion, and to be honest, whilst I always enjoy a sing along, I find him to be a little egocentric and perhaps even annoying on occasion. I seen to recall (I may have been mildly under the influence at the time) being at the Rhythm Festival a couple of years back, and having to listen to him go on about how he taught Paul MCartney everything he knows, to the point where a few people were shouting at him to shut up and play already. Cool guy, but there's a reason why he was always a solo musician....
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