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  1. Hi all, Can anyone tell me if the neck profile is the same on the Gibson SG '61 Reissue Satin (http://www.zzounds.com/item--GIBSG61F) as that of the plain old Gibson 61 Reissue SG (http://www.zzounds.com/item--GIBSG61)? Thanks!
  2. So, I just picked up a 1989(?) Metallist II. The neck is a little thicker than I usually like, but DEFINITELY shreddable! Dig that crazy-thin body w/the metal plate! Anyone know off-hand what cases will fit this thing? Can I just pick up a generic strat case? I posted some pics here: http://picasaweb.google.com/hhbale/Kramer BTW, what happened to the Kramer forums at http://www.kramerforum.com/? I can't get the page to load. -H
  3. I put a Bill Lawrence XL500 (The Bill and Becky version, not Bill Lawrence USA) in the bridge, and left the stock one in the neck. That thing will tear your face off! GREAT metal tone! It is a bit thinner sounding than my ESPs, but gets killer gain, while maintaining definition. (In fact, my one ESP with a Dimebucker now sounds too bassy by comparison.)
  4. Yeah, the guy put a (non-sticky) clear finish on it afterward. It's way smooth now. The Bill Lawrence pickup is in the bridge, and it sounds freakin' awesome!
  5. So, my explorer's back from its neck-shaving operation. It's lightning fast now! I also put in a Bill Lawrence pickup. This might just be my best-sounding guitar. Anyway, here's a pic of the neck:
  6. I ended up going with an anodized aluminum pickguard from Sharp Concepts on eBay. Checkitout: Pretty sharp, eh?
  7. Not long, but it's an '03 that I got used. I've read/heard that the nitro finishes can take like 10 years to cure completely, and that a lot of people never get used to the sticky feeling. I used to have this Charvel #6 (basically the same as a Jackson Soloist) with a shaved neck, and it was really comfortable. I'm not worried about resale too much. For one, it's not gonna be a sloppy, amateurish job with an uneven transition between the paint and non-paint sections. Also, there are guitars that come this way, for example the Zack Wylde models. Anyway, I'd rather get it tweaked to my liking
  8. What type of finish is on these natural explorers, like this one: http://www.edroman.com/guitars/gibson/images/GIB_exp.jpg I'm having the neck shaved on my black explorer, cuz that finish gets a bit "sticky" -- Would that be an issue on the natural finish?
  9. I was wondering if anyone around here had experience with the MIJ Edwards Explorers (for those who haven't heard of them, Edwards is a Japan-only subsidiary of ESP). They have models with no pickguard, like the high-end ESPs, for less than half the price, however, these particular ones are only available in satin finishes. You can see an example here: http://www.katanaguitars.com/guitar/g013/g016.html These seem like a good deal, but of course ya can't just walk into a store in the US and try one. I'm sure they play fine, as ESPs always do, but I'm concerned that the tone wouldn't stand up
  10. I wonder how it would look to put a natural wood-colored pickguard on a natural finish Explorer. Would it have the smooth look of the natural-finish Ken Lawrence or ESP Explorers, or would it simply look like some kid made a wooden pick guard in shop class? Not that I have a natural finish Explorer (yet)...
  11. You gonna go with black for yours, or something that more closely matches the body color?
  12. Hi all, I just picked up a 2002 or 2003 Explorer. It's black w/a white pickguard. I want to replace the pickguard w/a black one, but I'm not sure which pickguard type to select from this web site: http://pickguards.us/priceexplorer.html. I'm thinking model 1906 -- Can anyone confirm? Thanks!
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