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  1. thanks everyone for the tips. I got my hands on my friend's PADI so I'll be trying that out. But I do like the idea of simple. The guitar doesn't have an EQ so the PADI helps. I often play at a church that doesn't have a regular staffed soundguy.....he basically balances the levels of 4 people on the platform and doesn't EQ anything from the board very much so the control is up to me. But like the previous comments, I'm not very smart either....
  2. Greetings - Looking for a recommendation for a DI Box to go along with my 2011 Gibson Hummingbird Artist with the LR Baggs Element preamp/pickup. I've used the LRB Para Acoustic DI in the past with a Breedlove which was nice. Neither were my own but the PADI is the leading choice based on my familiarity with it. Another box that was recommended to me was the Radial Pro DI. I understand the basic differences between the two boxes. But thought I'd check in with the Gibson-ites here to see what they recommend would fit my guitar best. If it makes a difference, I'm mostly a strummer with occasional light fingerpicking. Thanks in advance! F
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