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  1. I was also thinking about the E on mine when it started lifting of it's own accord so I gave it a little gentle encouragement and it came off completely. A little surgical spirit on cotton wool took care of the left over glue and it now looks as though there was never anything there. When I bought my EL-00 acoustic, I simply got a finger nail under the edge of the E and slowly prised it off - again, surgical spirit took care of the rest. Merry Christmas one and all from a very rainy England.
  2. Welcome to the world of Dot - like nearly everybody else, I love mine. Playability is great following a pro set up but I sometimes think the pickups could do with a bit more life and clarity particularly when played clean. I might need to start thinking about an upgrade in the near future.
  3. At the risk of contradicting our friend above, I have put black/silver Gibson knobs on my Pelham Blue Epi Dot and they fit perfectly (see avatar) - I just didn't like the gold originals when all the other hardware was black or silver. Have since taken two of them off to swap them around (like a fool, I put them on wrong in the first place!!). Other than both types being a bit tight to take off, no problems and neither seemed easier or worse to remove than the other. To take them off, the trick is to use a wide boot lace or handkerchief - I seem to recall finding an instruction video on YouT
  4. Dennis, Thanks for the link. I actually read the manual that came with the guitar but it does'nt help by explaining what I now know is called 'Dependent Volume Control' (as advised by our friends above). It's a relief to know that my Dot is to the Epiphone spec as I am about to go overseas for a month and doubt I would have been able to get hold of another Pelham Blue one by the time I get back (the description 'Limited Edition' is generally overused but, in this case, seems to be accurate!). If things work properly, here are the requested photos:
  5. Thanks guys - advice much appreciated. I think I will put up with it as is for the time being - hell I'm just getting to know it and don't really want to start screwing around at this stage in the game. Also I don't feel to confident over running the risk of damage to the finish in any way. Some guitars bare battle scars proudly but this one is just too pretty to take chances!! Again, thanks.
  6. Hi from a first time poster and relatively new guitarist. I have just got a new Epiphone Dot in limited edition Pelham Blue and cannot work out the pickup selecter and associated volume controls. As I understand it, 'up' position is for the neck pup, 'centre' for both pups and 'down' for the bridge. All OK so far but I cannot control volume independently when in the centre position. When in centre, turning either volume control to zero cuts out the sound completely (ie from BOTH pickups. I have tried different cables with the same result. Is this to the Dot specification or have I got a fault
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