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The Rolling Stones were my entre to the Blues as a high school guitarist in the 1970s. One day I noticed that Willie Dixon wrote Little Red Rooster, and the rest is history... or really the thread of history that I pulled from there all the way back through a lifetime of listening, to where the Blues starts to sound like Appalachian, Acadian and finally African music. My playing got sidetracked in college when I broke my left arm badly (and thought I'd lost the ability to play forever). But I got it back a bit in the 90s, lost it a little again when my kids came along, then found it once more.


Online home recording communities have been perfect for me: I can play when I get the chance, share my "work", get some great feedback and fellowship.


The only guitar I've ever sold was my first electric: a Japanese mid-70s Epiphone ET-275 that I loved to death. My first great one was a '95 J-100 extra with a mahogany back & sides. Next came a Taylor 812ce, then I finally admitted that I just plain missed making NOISE and got my beloved CS-356. For kicks and even more versatility, I have a '00 Nashville Tele tuned to 5-string Open G so I can do my Keef thing, a baby Taylor for campfires and travel, and I picked up an Epi ET-276 (the stoptail version of my old guitar) not long ago to complete the circle.

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