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  1. This guy used one too.....I THINK that's what it is....
  2. No..this one didn't fall off...it was never on there to begin with. That's how they were produced at one point
  3. I just opened up a big box USPS brought over and walla!!..EL 00 Pro.... I found it on Craigs...advertised as mint and it sure is. Not a ding/scratch on it. Just a bit of swirling on the pickguard. I love the feel and the sound of it. I'm a light string, easy strummer kind of guy and so far it doesn't seem to mind. Speaking of the pickguard...mine doesn't have (nor never had) the Epiphone E on it. I read sometime ago that the older ones didn't...or was it the newer ones?? I can't remember...hoping someone here can straighten my out. Thanks!
  4. This is interesting...I found a guitar in Austin Tx Craigs I wanted (I'm in Ohio)..I contacted the seller, asked if he would ship, he says yes, I paypal him the funds, he ships when he sees the $$ is in his account (the same day). The guitar was near mint just as he advertised, both parties happy. Risky? I guess so, but it worked out....
  5. There's two of them listed on Craig's, Austin TX.
  6. Are the EF's considered to be 000 size? How deep are the bodies at the lower bout?
  7. Yamaha does this as well..no dot at the third fret.
  8. Loved that..thanks!!
  9. I don't believe the F310 is a solid top.
  10. Got mine back today with the action lowered a smidgin, new strings, shining like a new dime....sounding ohhhhhh so sweet. I'm happier....
  11. I guess so!!...you've worn out the birdie!! Nice find...let's have a Hummingbird jam in Michigan!
  12. Got my new used one yesterday....great shape and I bought it right. Sounds pretty sweet but taking to my set-up bud to have it looked-over. I'm happy!!
  13. Are Epiphones and Gibson's identical?
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