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  1. I liked the Epiphone ES335 PRO Ice Tea Burst so well that I bought one and the hard shell case.
  2. My first amp was a Gibson Skylark bought in 1964. From that amp I progressed to a Fender Deluxe Reverb, Fender Bandmaster, Fender Bassman and Fender Twin Reverb (all Blackface). Then I quit playing guitar for the next 40 years and just started back up again.
  3. I laid the end of my strap on a scrap piece of wood, took a .45 casing and centered it around the hole and a few whacks with a hammer and the hole is now perfectly sized to fit the end pin with a jack.
  4. Epiphone guitars comes with Gibson Brite Wire Strings
  5. I like Tung Sol and JJ 6v6 tubes. My favorite is Tung Sol, but you won't make a mistake with either Tung Sol or JJ.
  6. You are correct pippy. It doesn't make any difference which pickup magnet you flip. I was thinking neck pickup and typed bridge. Here is somebody giving instructions on how to flip the magnet. Peter Green pickup mod
  7. Anybody wanting the Peter Green tone, the very first thing you need to do to your modern guitar is have it rewired to 50's wiring including pots, caps and wire. Then I would install pure nickel strings. Third, I would flip the magnet on the bridge pick up. If this doesn't get you close to Peter Green's tone, then I would look to buying new pick ups. If you have burstbucker or 57 classics, you might not have to replace the pickups.
  8. I hate the 50's neck. It feel to me like a baseball bat.
  9. I have one in Midnight Sapphire (Blue). I think I will buy another in the Faded Cherry.
  10. A Les Paul Gold Top with 60's neck and USA electronics and P-90's
  11. I would like to see a Les Paul 1960's Tribute Plus with Jimmy Page wiring and I would like to see some Epiphone Guitar straps; both leather and fabric.
  12. Thank you poopcicle. I can already feel the need to get one in Faded Cherry. That Faded Cherry looks like Heritage Cherry Sunburst to me.
  13. I just picked up a new Epiphone Les Paul 1960 Tibute Plus in Midnight Sapphire. What an amazing guitar. The electronics are all Gibson USA. I sent an e-mail to customer service asking what strings Epiphone put on this guitar and I was told the it came with Gibson Brite Wires. I have Grover tuners but not the locking Grovers. That doesn't bother me because this guitar is a tone monster. This guitar has the best neck of anything I have picked up and looked at in the past 2 years. The set up is perfect. Thanks to Tech number 13 for the great setup. The guitar may be made in China, but the setup is done in Nashville. The first Les Paul I owned was a 1957 Gold Top with humbuckers. This guitar sounds as good as that Gold Top and the neck is BETTER on the Tribute Plus. I always felt the 50's necks felt like clubs and MUCH prefer the 60's neck.
  14. pliers? a washcloth covering the nut and then using pliers? How about doing it the right way and using a wrench that actually fits the nut. Then you won't be taking a chance of blemishing the guitar, switch or nut. USE THE PROPER TOOL
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