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  1. He's playing a practiced composition. Something kids can learn quite easily if they want/get pushed to. Let's put it this way, a kid might be able to recite long sections of the Harry Potter books from memory, but an old experienced man can tell you an original story from his own life packed with wisdom. It's the whole feel vs speed thing again. ask a woman if it's preferable for a man to finish as quickly as possible, or take his sweet time about it ;)
  2. holy sh*t! definitely sent me back to schoolin'...
  3. let's see how differently we do this. maybe we can learn something/get some tips.. I exclusively use dunlop jazz IIIs, bigger picks just don't work for me any more. but I seem to be wearing these plastic ones out pretty quick. they're cheap though
  4. Thanks guys! I'm really impressed with the Epiphone. So much guitar for the price. And it certainly lived up to my expectations of Korina, such mids! The pickups leave a little something to be desired though, think I'll stick some BareKnuckles in there at some point.
  5. Hey guys. haven't been on here much in a while, but since I recently had a NGD (the one in the middle), I thought I'd share a new family photo with you
  6. Yes, it is really beautiful. Just too bad Buckely's only remaining legacy is the suffocating quantity of terrible singer/songwriters who butcher his version of this Leonard Cohen song. The rest of Jeff's album "Grace" is F'ing amazing!
  7. my semi-educated guess tells me the round interior of your skull works as a parabola for the infrared light radio waves focusing it them out your eye sockets, maybe?
  8. Jimi Hendrix - of course... Rory Gallagher - Old school blues done just right. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Ky7pmnF9WQ Guthrie Govan- perfect blend of impressive technique and originality and passion. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rP4eIMc5VFw
  9. My "Frankenstein'ed" Flying V. Bought the body stripped on ebay '81 Dirtyfingers from a Gibson Sonex in the bridge, with a push/pull for coil split in it's volume pot Seymour Duncan P-Rails in the neck, with it's own 3-way toggle locking tuners volume pots where you'd expect them to be when used to a Les Paul Love this thing so much! so many sounds! everything you could want on stage. Midtown Custom Bareknuckle "The Mule" pickups Jimmy Page-style wiring with coil split for both pups in neck volume (bridge volume cavity couldn't fit a push/pull), phase reverse of bridge pup in bridge tone pot, and series/paralell in neck tone. replaced black pickup rings and knobs with white ones :)
  10. I'd never seen or heard of Wilko before this, so seeing Ned Stark's executioner wield an axe just blew my mind!
  11. huh? In my experience Ryan H is one of the more helpful people on here, but I don't read every thread...
  12. yea, you'll notice the really fast parts are fairly basic scale runs and simple licks that he has just practiced a _lot_ there are hundreds of faster players than him out there, and this is true of all of them. if you keep doing something often enough and for long enough, you will be good at it.
  13. thanks for the input, guys. think I have a fair understanding of what I'm getting myself into now. cheers
  14. my problem is that it sounds muddy and fuzzy. any other amp I play sounds a lot better.
  15. I've realized it's time to change the tubes in my Marshall. It's actually never been done since I bought it in 2001, and it's mostly just been sitting at home for low volume practising. There are a lot of different tubes, manufacturers and mods available out there, so if someone has some experience or ideas I'd appreciate some help! Also, I assume the actual swapping is no problem for someone with a basic electronics education? Thank you.
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