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  1. Just, wow! Really strong stuff. Thanks for this. I've just tabbed over to Amazon MP3 and grabbed it.
  2. "...filling the sound hole with kitty litter and parking the guitar in the alley behind the custom shop overnight..."
  3. Just got a Robert Johnson a few weeks ago, and love the sound - works for me for any style of finger-picking, not just blues. Doesn't seem to be much of a strummer though. I feel ya' about the signature. I just pretend that it's not there and instead look at that sweet little round butt. Love that shape
  4. Thanks everyone for the assurances that I have it right on the serial number and for the welcome. And thanks, grampa, for the comment on Pogo. My all-time favorite comic strip. (We are showing our age, you and I ) Interesting about "new old stock". It makes me wonder who here holds the record for guitar that was oldest when purchased new. Can anyone do better than Zombywoof? Play on!
  5. Hi folks! 1st post as a new member of the forum. I'm back into guitar after about 40 years away, trying to re-learn some of the old rural blues and folk tunes I knew and getting a brand new set of calluses of which I'm very proud I just got my Gibson last week, a very sweet little Robert Johnson L-1, about which I have a question for you more knowledgeable folks. I got my guitar new from a regional 5 Star dealer just last week. Love, love, love the pre-war rural blues sound, and my L-1 re-issue does a great job of bringing that back. Here's the thing. Looking at the serial number (
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