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  1. I like non-web based recording gear,,I dont have to worry about puter glitches,,web bizzarness,,its more reliable+ predictable
  2. Cool story,,that guy is awsome
  3. Great,,now I got the munchies
  4. Always enjoyed doin this one in the T-40 Clubs over the centuries,,here just adding some leadwork,,w/a 84 Kramer w/a Gibson PAF in bridge spot.
  5. Alot of the new color finishes are refreshing
  6. Nice color,,Id want some PAF's on it though. And a Floyd rose
  7. I might take ya up on that,,,how would you send? MP3 to email? or download basic track from your site,,YT,,Sndcld?
  8. lol,,coasters. I wanna try those from HHB
  9. Never seen him live,,but im sure it would be wild.
  10. Id buy insurance from that guy
  11. had to toss this out for halloween
  12. Yea I hear ya,,I have yet to try maxells,,And theres a few others that are good. I didnt think there was such a big quality difference among brands,,but I guess there is. Learn somthin new every day I guess
  13. maxells+verbatims are pretty good,,Ill never use phillips again thats for sure
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