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  1. Hey all,,this is a cover of the Iconic "Both Sides Now" by the fantastic writer + performer Judy Collins. I dont claim ownership,,and not monitizing this in anyway,,I just enjoy the tune and wanted to try a version @ my 24 trk digital. All trks performed and recorded by Mr 10K-DB. Rythm trks were done with a Epiphone G-300 SG,,and Kramers for the rest. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-KLFmh5m5c
  2. Small straightedge screwdriver or exacto blade ,,put a matchbook cover,,or cardboard pc UNDER screwdriver,,then carefully pry upward till it busts loose. Similar to getting knobs off pots that are sticky to get off.
  3. You can do a SN search on web and find out when/where it was made ,,as far as value? Look on ebay or Craigslist to see what there goin for. Seeing that SG you have,,Id hang on to it,,its beautiful!!
  4. Why thank you,,I used an EPI G-310 SG for the tracks,,great guitar,,although I did do some work to it after getting it off Clist for 100$. The vocal I did 2 trks,,one at a low register,,and one hi register,,panned one to right side,,other left side. i wanted to hear the gtrs/bass trks up as well as vocals,,even blend for all tracks,,if you listen to it on different playback systems,,you may hear the vocals better. I used Sony 7506 headphones to mix with and the vocals sounded pretty good,,but we all hear with a different set of ears,,so maybe thats why it sounds as if vocals need
  5. Summers windin down,,and man is the news on TV depressing,,all I can say is its "THE SIGN OF THE TIMES" https://fandalism.com/10kdb/e0vo
  6. Ok,,so i have too much time on my hands,,got this recently off CL for 100$ did some setup work to it,,and then sanded it down to the Mohogany and finished w/Linseed Oil,,,,Much nicer!
  7. So,,got this recently and it was Wine red,,not really my fav color,,so sanded it down to the mahogany and finished w/linseed oil. Not too bad for a craigslist special
  8. Lets see,,whats to do on a sunny afternoon? I know,,Ill play my Epi SG to a Weezer song! Hash Pipe,,not claiming ownership of tune or monitizing it. Just enjoy jammin to a fun band + tune,,and of course,,The Epi SG dosent hurt either. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WI2cdf50xHA
  9. Why thank you sir! This took about 4-5 hrs from start to finish,,Ill have to to send it to my BMI registry list ,,along with the other 150 + tunes there. Stay safe out there!
  10. Nice to know your the expert on all things in the galaxy
  11. My goodness,,week #3 of the "stay at home" edict,,guess its good to have x-tra time to write+ record. So I took a visit to 1980's with this one,,not a style I do all the time,,but still fun to do once in a awhile. I did all trks,,added leads in this vid. And ended up with a decent mix. "Roll it up,,Rock it down" {C} 2020 10K-db Music
  12. My question is: why should a business owner be forced to close just because the gov says so? { think :dictatorship} It seems our freedoms/choices are in danger more + more with all the hype about this,,I know its a very serious thing but the overall economic damage may be far worse than the bug itself. Well see.
  13. Hi all,,Picked this up of CL for 200$ ,,like new,,plays+ sounds great,,fast little gtr. May change out the knobs after while,,but sure glad I found this one.
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