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  1. Lets see,,whats to do on a sunny afternoon? I know,,Ill play my Epi SG to a Weezer song! Hash Pipe,,not claiming ownership of tune or monitizing it. Just enjoy jammin to a fun band + tune,,and of course,,The Epi SG dosent hurt either. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WI2cdf50xHA
  2. Why thank you sir! This took about 4-5 hrs from start to finish,,Ill have to to send it to my BMI registry list ,,along with the other 150 + tunes there. Stay safe out there!
  3. Nice to know your the expert on all things in the galaxy
  4. My goodness,,week #3 of the "stay at home" edict,,guess its good to have x-tra time to write+ record. So I took a visit to 1980's with this one,,not a style I do all the time,,but still fun to do once in a awhile. I did all trks,,added leads in this vid. And ended up with a decent mix. "Roll it up,,Rock it down" {C} 2020 10K-db Music
  5. My question is: why should a business owner be forced to close just because the gov says so? { think :dictatorship} It seems our freedoms/choices are in danger more + more with all the hype about this,,I know its a very serious thing but the overall economic damage may be far worse than the bug itself. Well see.
  6. Hi all,,Picked this up of CL for 200$ ,,like new,,plays+ sounds great,,fast little gtr. May change out the knobs after while,,but sure glad I found this one.
  7. Howdy all,,havent visited for awhile,,been doing alot of recording+ writing,,but I often play in T-40 bar bands and this one is one I sing + play in the band,,but here I did all the trks at my home 24 trk studio,, I dont claim ownership,,or writers credit,,and not monitizing in any way,, I just enjoy his music,,and playing the song.
  8. I like non-web based recording gear,,I dont have to worry about puter glitches,,web bizzarness,,its more reliable+ predictable
  9. Cool story,,that guy is awsome
  10. Great,,now I got the munchies
  11. Always enjoyed doin this one in the T-40 Clubs over the centuries,,here just adding some leadwork,,w/a 84 Kramer w/a Gibson PAF in bridge spot.
  12. Alot of the new color finishes are refreshing
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