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  1. Good Day, I am having major issues with my DJC.4. I have had it going on a year (about 8 months) and up until now it has worked seamlessly. However, today I plugged it up to the computer, DJC.4 does its light sequence and is followed by the Stanton logo blue light, and deck selection lights on deck "A" and "B." this is normal. I start up Traktor and first notice no response from the MIDI controls to Traktor, I load up a track and no audio. Baffled, I check the settings in Traktor, everything is just the way I left it. Thinking its my computer I restart it, when it restarts I get the same aforementioned problem. I tried on my laptop, same deal. The only difference, on my laptop when I plug the USB cable up I get a driver error message. Under Control Panel/Hardware & Sound/Device Manager it identifies DJC.4 as an unknown device, when I click on the device to re install the driver there is a Code 43 Error Message that states "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)" I have restarted my computer a dozen times to no avail. Lastly, WHen I wiggle the usb port at the base of the computer (not the djc.4) the djc.4 flicks on and off like a light switch, when I stop the djc.4 either remains on or off. At first I thought it was the USB cable, but I tried 5 different cables and it is the same with all. I am running windows 7 on laptop and vista on desktop with traktor. Thanks so much for your assistance
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