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  1. Thanks for the help and I'll post a update when I check the potential problem areas.
  2. So when I finally had time to check some of the things that you guys suggested I had something else happen. I cut the amp on and it took a couple of minutes to get the Reverb to do anything.I was hitting the foot switch and it was doing nothing. Then when the Reverb came on Still humming I checked the RCA wires and that had no affect on the hum at all. After I sat the amp down after having it tilted toward the Reverb tank rattled but instead of the normal noise you hear you heard a static that over powered the tank noise. The main question I have is should I pull the Reverb tube or will the amp be fine just leaving the Reverb off? Is there a way to check the tube besides using a tube tester? And how do I check the Reverb tank?
  3. It should read the two guitars in cases instead of the two this in cases in my last post. I still new to using a tablet for things like posting on message boards.
  4. Thanks for the help so far. I will say the Reverb tank was my first thought with the tubes being second. One thing about the tank is that when I moved the amp while it was on you could hear the springs in the tank rattle when I say the amp down. One thing I forgot to mention was that the Reverb is almost always on. I rarely ever cut the Reverb off and the foot switch is always on the top of the amp. I've never completely unwound the cord to the foot switch. As for the amp getting wet it was never submerged in water but rather sat on a wet carpet. In fact the two this in cases were on a wetter part of the floor and as I mention neither case had any water damage. I get that the dampness could have done the damage but would it really do that much damage? One last thing I can think of at the moment is that the amp is always covered with the amp cover when not in use so dust shouldn't be an issue. Thank for the help.
  5. I have a 2012 Fender Vibrolux that has recently developed a problem with the Reverb and need some help trying to figure out what is wrong. Tuesday I fired my Vibrolux for the first time since February of March just to see how my new Joyo California Sound pedal worked with it and had a loud hum. At first I thought I just didn't have a cord plugged in good or I had hit the volume knob and cut the amp up. Well it wasn't either so I grabbed my noise suppressor and plugged it up with no luck there. Next I thought maybe it's the amp picking up something from the tv since the back of the amp is near the tv and it wasn't that either. I can't remember if I turned the Reverb knob or hit the Reverb foot switch but I did discover that the Reverb was the problem. If you cut the Reverb off the hum goes away and if you turn the Reverb knob all the way down the hum goes away. If you turn the Reverb knob from 0-3 you have full volume and some hum but after you pass 3 the volume drops and the hum gets very loud. The weird thing is if you pick the amp up the hum almost goes away but is still louder than the hum of a single coil. I only discovered this when I picked the amp up to turn it away from the tv. The only thing that's happened to the amp besides getting bumped into when walking past it is the bottom got a little wet. In May water got into my house after a storm came through. I don't think the amp should have gotten wet enough to hurt it because I had a couple of guitars in cases and one just sitting out as not water got into either case and no damage was done to the guitar that was just sitting out. Also my Fender amp cover wasn't wet at all. So if anybody has a clue as to what the problem may be please help me out. Thanks for any help you can give me.
  6. I just bought a used Robb Flynn Love/Death Baritone Flying V and I need help with the model of Grover locking tuners that was used on these guitars. The A string tuning machine is a little wonky, while it still works it dose not turn smoothly. I just ordered what I thought was the right set of locking Grovers only to find out the Grover 106C autolocking tuning machines are to small. The post is not only longer on the RFV but it also has a larger diameter. The nut is 14mm on the RFV tuning machine while the 106C nut is 10mm. Also the nut/sleeve on the RFV tuning machine is larger and screws onto the main body of the tuning machine instead of screwing into the tuning machine like the 106C. I hope what I'm saying sense since I don't know the proper names to the parts of a tuning machine. The reason I ordered the Grover 106C tuning machines is because that's what is on my Epiphone Les Paul Tribute Plus. The Epiphone product page for the RFV on list the tuning machines as Grover locking. I emailed Epiphone but I haven't gotten a reply yet. I almost forgot to mention the hole required for the tuning machines on the RFV are larger. Thanks for any help.
  7. PM sent I actually had a set of Dunlop Straplock buttons leftover because I bought a used Epiphone that already had the buttons but didn't come with the end set. So I ended putting the leftover Dunlop buttons on another used guitar I bought that had a pair of the smallest buttons I think I've ever seen. I'm a fan of all things Dunlop so I may be a tad bias but I like them.
  8. My question is, is the Les Paul Florentine Hollowbody really only available as select retailers or can I go to my local Epiphone dealer and get one there?
  9. Does Gibson offering the Quick Connect pickups in more than just the 57 Classic, 57 Classic Plus, Dirty Fingers and the Angus Young models?
  10. Warren's signature Les Paul has the Burstbuck 2 in the bridge and the Burstbucker 1 in the neck. Warren's Natural ES-335 has the Burstbucker 1 and 2 also. I think the Burstbucker Pro is a wax potted version of the Burstbucker 1 and 2. So I don't think you can go wrong with any of those when your trying to get close to a Warren Haynes like tone. In my opinion the 490R/498T combo has a bright tone that is even a little hot for my taste, well at least the bridge is. My Flying V has the 496R/500T combo and I would say these pickups are closer to a Warren Haynes like tone. I also think the 496R/500T combo has a more open tone I guess you could say than the 490R/498T combo. I'm not sure I'm describing that in a way that makes sense. Plus it could have to do with the type of guitar the 496R/500T combo is in also. Billy F. Gibbons signature Les Paul has the Seymour Duncan: Pearly Gates pickups which are a overwound version of the Seymour Duncan: 59' Pickups. And the Seymour Duncan: 59' pickups are based on the original Gibson: PAF pickups. And DiMarzio has thier own version of the Gibson: PAFs called the 36th Anniversary. And as you said KVL there are many different pickups out therethat cover many different tones. Personaly I would go with the 57' Classics, Burstbucker Pros or the Burstbucker 1, 2 or 3 is I was looking at Gibson pickups only. If I was gonna go with a different brand I would probaly go with the Seymour Duncan: Pearly Gates but I also like what I've heard of the Dimarzio: 36th Anniversary pickups in demo videos and from guitarist who use them. Go to You Tube and look for videos where people are using the pickups you like just to get an idea of what they sound like and go with the pickups you think you would like best that fits in your budget.
  11. I love the Reverend Willy's strings. I use the Medium .10-.46 currently on two of my guitars and will probaly start using them on my Flying V when I change the strings on it. I've thought about giving the .7-.38 a shot just because that is what Billy Gibbons uses but man this would be a big jump for me considering I mostly string my guitars with .11-.50 strings.
  12. I really like the Jazz III but it's a little to small for me to really love it. Right now my pick of choice is the Dunlop: James Hetfield Black Fang .94. I also use the Dunlop: Tortex Sharp 1.14 a lot also.
  13. Yester day I bought the lst set of Gibson: Posi-lok strap buttons my local shop had and asked if they could get more and was told that these come from another shop that had went out of business and my local shop bought their remaining stock. So I came home and was looking on the internet to see if I could find anymore or any info at all really. I knew that they came on Gibsons in the 80's because they're on my Sonex 180 Deluxe. But I was kinda surprised to see see one person saying they where either used between 1980 and 1984 or they where only made between 1980 and 1984. The set I bought(see picture) looks like the package is in to good of shape to be at least 28 years old. The light I took the picture in makes the package look more yellow or aged that it really is. And when I used a flash there was way to much shine on the package and the pictures where no good. I'm guessing these are no longer made because I can't find them at all in the Gibson store or any of the sites like Musicians Friend or Guitar Center. If these aren't made any more why did Gibson quit making them? Thanks for any help help.
  14. I have a book titled The Ultimate Gibson Book and it list most if not every Gibson model and may have info thats helpful. According to this book in 1985 Gibson released the Explorer Synthesizer with a Roland: 700 sythesizer installed and it came in Alpine White and Ebony. But this is all the info the book has.
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