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  1. Its one or two of the set screws in the saddle. They will work themselves loose and buzz like crazy and usally at different areas of your fretboard. My 335 did the same thing and it drove me nuts. Just tighten to stop..unless they need adjusting.
  2. Check the set screws on the saddle. I had the same problem with my 335 it drove me nuts. Good luck
  3. I have an Ibenez TSA5TVR with built in Tube Screamer, its a fun 5 watt amp. $399.00. I recently play through a Victoria, and oh my, maybe the best overall amp ever.
  4. The stores that I go to around Chicagoland sure looks like there going out of business. Bare display areas, very little new stock, makes me think something is about to happen.
  5. I like it, but I am waiting for the new Ibenez amp. Built in Tube Screamer, 5 watts and cool vintage look. It has a Tone King look. Big hit at NAMM TSA5TVR
  6. I would go with very good. My oldest daughter graduated college from WIU and found a great job with Hilton.My other daughter will start college at University Of Florida or Florida State in the fall. My business has made an incredible leap forward and we are all healthy. Now if I could just make money on Sonos I would be all set.....that was for you Aster, thanks for your help! Oh and I cant forget out new Golden Retriever Kelli. Happy New Year to all
  7. Yea thought about that but read that it needs to be done with a router and on a curved top might be a little out of my league.
  8. Thanks for all the replys. I should have mentioned that it is a Studio. So yes I scrapped the finish off the edge to the maple top. The top is stained with a dark mahogany finish. I am thinking about staining the exposed "bindings" black. The finish in the photo looks blotchy but thats mostly due to the maple that is used on Studios. 3 piece. I had to do somthing the finish was flaking off everywhere. Most shops started at $1500 to do a complete refinish and on a Studio....I dont think so
  9. OK so I got tired of looking at a crappy finish on my LP. I think I will change the speed knobs to top hats and may stain the bindings black. Keep in mind I bought this LP for $100.00....I play it more then my 335, its that good. Any Thoughts? I know I still need to do some scraping on the bindings
  10. Mark

    New Amp Day

    This http://www.voxshowroom.com/northcoast/hofner/hofner_parts/
  11. Mark

    New Amp Day

    Honestly I don't remember. Ill look,but I think I did a google for VOX parts and this guy has every color,style,piping logos that VOX made. I think the whole look costs $45.00 maybe.
  12. Mark

    New Amp Day

    I bought a VT 30 a few years back and play it often, Its a fun amp. I just didn't care for the metal grill and changed it.
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