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  1. I find it's always a little easier collaborating with another compatible writer because the process moves faster with bouncing ideas off each other.
  2. Reaper rules!!!! Over 25 years I've used Pro Tools, Digital Performer, Nuendo, Ableton, Cubase, etc, and have settled on Reaper... I love it! It's fully customize-able, stable AF, I use it for tracking, film scoring, mastering, etc.
  3. I would definitely agree with you, beginners are better off focusing on becoming better players than gear. With that being said, it's good to have a solid ax that's set up well and intonated, You can always reward yourself for improving your skills by upgrading gear.
  4. This thing sounds great! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D_7SjnXR3CM
  5. Over a blues using dom7th chords (I7 IV7 V7) switching between the tonic major and minor blues scales. In other words, over a blues in A playing A minor pentatonic (w blue note) and A Major pentatonic (w blue note - b3rd in this scale). Over I7 the minor and major works, over the IV7 the minor sounds better, over the V7 the major sounds better. Beyond that, definitely playing over changes.
  6. I've been a guitar instructor for over 15 years... I would say it's good to have a balance between learning songs, technique exercises, learning scales and theory, and ear training. It sounds like you already know how to play quite a few songs so I would get right to learning scales! Start with the basic minor pentatonic scale. It's easy to learn, memorize, and make sound good. Try improvising over backing tracks on youtube... at first you will feel like you don't have much direction but improvising is like anything, the more you do of it the better you get.
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