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  1. Maybe if we ignore it, it will go away!
  2. I’ve been using Martin Retros. I recently changed them out for Authentic 2.0. I will change them back to Retro’s at the first opportunity. I think the Authentic ‘s killed the tone of my 2007 Dove.
  3. Haven’t played the guild, but I own a 1998 00-15 . Didn’t have the M designation because they weren’t using Sapele back in those days. This guitar has aged nicely. Today it’s louder with a lot more sustain, than it originally had. One of my favorite guitars. It’s my road trip guitar. Fits nicely in the back seat.
  4. Don’t have to dislike one guitar in order to like another! I’ve got some unassuming guitars, as well as some with birds on the pick guards as well as ugly mustache bridges. Hope that’s allowed! Have always loved that song. Nice !
  5. Wasn’t exactly thinking the same, but something very similar! 😳
  6. The Facebook ones says no longer available? The one on eBay looks pretty cool though. Hope something works out for you.
  7. Here’s to hoping you can come to an agreement with the seller. I think you would love that guitar.
  8. Not sure where you’re located, but about 20 years ago, I sold a Rosewood southern Jumbo to a guy in Denmark, for $2,000 just charged actually shipping,,,$500.00 then he had to pay duty. $500.00. $3,000 for a $2,000 guitar. He was delirious!! I still get emails occasionally from the guy, & he still loves the guitar.
  9. Just saw the $ conversion on eBay, don’t know what prices are like in your neck of the Woods’s, so I won’t make a comment!😱
  10. How much is 2550 in $? I paid $2,500 about 2 years ago.
  11. He excepts PayPal on the eBay listing, as well as credit cards? Don’t see why you couldn’t get some kind of documentation?
  12. PayPal offers good protections too. If you have an account. The guy could send you an invoice.
  13. Can’t get the Facebook listing I don’t have an account. Wish the label could be seen better in the other. Not a big deal, the guitar looks beautiful! Is there a way to contact the seller other than through eBay? If so, I’ve made offers before, where I’ve offered to buy the guitar, if they would be willing to drop the fees, that eBay charges the seller. Not sure what those are these days? It could lower the price by a couple of hundred $, or so. The seller was asking $1500 for my J-45 Rosewood. I was able to get it for $1400, & the seller got the same money he would have gotten anyway. I’m pretty sure eBay charges a little more than 10% these days, plus they have listing fees now!
  14. It appears to be a drive by Gibson bashing to me! None of my Gibson’s have anything like this. I owned many Gibson’s, other than the 5 currently owned. I’ve never seen anything even close to this. For that matter I’ve never experienced anything like this with any brand I’ve ever owned. Smells fishy.....
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