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  1. I never owned any electric guitar. I like Martin’s, & Gibson’s, & Guilds & Seagulls, & a host of other guitars. Very few that I would say I don’t like, & even at that I probably dislike some for some very stupid reasons. Guitars to me are kind of like women. I have to be physically attracted first. Some guitars just don’t give me any reason to want to play them. When I say attractive, I don’t necessarily mean beautiful . I think the J-200 Ksdaddy just got is awesome,& would love the opportunity to strum a few cords on it.
  2. I’ve owned a few of them too. Finally ended up with a 0015.
  3. "here they make an entry level made in America G45 20% cheaper than a Martin D15, and it’s like Obama ordered mask wearing in a QANON bar and grill in Florida." really? That's what it's like? Personally I'll take the 15 series any day. These aren't the first entry level guitars Gibson has made.
  4. Amen! I guess I prefer the the old generation collection. I have absolutely no interest in these.
  5. I like them too. If they don’t give you the sound you’re looking just try something else. I tried the Martin Authentic 2.0’s & hated them. I do understand.
  6. 2 Martin’s 5 Gibson’s . I like Gibson’s the best.
  7. Yep. The "Levi guy" appears to have lost control.
  8. I have found the Nashville help line to be useless. If I need any info I call Montana.
  9. These require,,,,log in,,,,,then it says request access? Would like to see the photos but……
  10. If it were me i’d Get one of these. Love the natural finish. Stunning.
  11. Jackson Browne said he changes strings when they break? I just found a set on one of my guitars that were one year & four months old. They still sounded good. I changed them just because.
  12. I’v had the same experience. I’m trying the D’Addario Nickel Bronze, on my only Rosewood guitar. J-45 RW, & so far I like them too. Using Retro’s on my J-200, & Dove.
  13. How long do the Retro’s last for you? I just put 11’s on my J-45, & J-50, so i’m Curious about the longevity of these strings. I like them so far.
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