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  1. Maybe, but all coated strings are not created equally! For instance, the Martin coated strings suck! At least these are made in Bozeman, instead of Mexico.
  2. Interesting. Wonder about shipping cost. Would like to try a set.
  3. My J-200 is about to turn 20yr old & the trim has started to yellow. Not exactly sure what’s going on with yours, but from the pictures, I kind of like it.
  4. That sure is a nice looking guitar. Now all I need is some 💰
  5. Loved that! The fireplace looks just like mine.😎
  6. There was a time in my life, when I wasn’t interested in a guitar if it wasn’t Rosewood. Funny what changes time can bring. I only have one Rosewood guitar now. (Out of a dozen acoustics) . It’s a J-45 RW. Not quite as resonant as many other Rosewood guitars, & that’s why I like it. Most of mine are mahogany, but I love my J-200, as well as my Dove. The only other one I have that’s not mahogany is a 1920’s Oscar Schmidt Galiano. It’s all Birch, which has a wonderful tone. It is in desperate need of having the frets filed down. Just waiting for a few extra bucks to have this done. I find most Rosewood guitars to be over powering. I love a nice AJ, or D-28, but for my preference I find them to be too much. If that makes any sense? I like them but they aren’t for me.
  7. Loved everything about that. That’s a very cool J-50
  8. Another great guitar! Congratulations. Wondering about both . Are the black bridge pins, stock, or replacements?
  9. Mine is a 2000, but still my favorite out of a dozen acoustics. Love the burst on yours. Here’s to many years with a great guitar. Enjoy
  10. Love it! Congrats.
  11. Nice! When was it made?
  12. A few is to many for me! This is the kind of stuff I’m taking about. “ had been eagerly awaiting these because I genuinely haven’t liked almost anything Gibson has done in decades “
  13. Nothing so sweet as having a Gibson approved by Gibson haters. Left that forum years ago!
  14. That thing is way overpriced!
  15. I don’t buy their music either (Charlie Or Ted). I don’t care who you are, if you start preaching, I ‘m done.
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