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  1. I cut mine flush too. He doesn’t.
  2. Guess I just don’t get what the problem is. If you read the comments below the video, you’ll find that people love this guy. I never heard of him. I can take or leave his lessons. They mean nothing to me. I just enjoyed listening to him discuss his guitar, & that’s it. I feel the same about mine.
  3. Never said you didn’t like him. Who said they watched because of the guitar he is playing? That’s just an added bonus. My original post was him talking about how much he likes his J-200. I thought that would be appropriate for the Gibson acoustic forum. That’s not complicated either, (Or maybe it is)
  4. As if? I couldn’t agree more, with your statement. If you want to accuse me of something, just do it. No point beating around the bush. What guitar is being used doesn’t matter to me either. I don’t own a hummingbird. This is the Gibson forum. If you don’t like the guy, don’t watch. See how easy that is?
  5. As well as many others! Your point being?
  6. Well,,,,,,you always have Miley Cyrus.
  7. First time I’ve seen his videos. He does have some nice guitars. Martin’s, Gibson’s & some electrics too.
  8. He might require a manual for breathing.
  9. Paul14


    My thoughts too. 10’s are pretty light. I think the lowest gauge I am using right now are 11’s, & that’s only because the guitar is 100 years old. It could probably use 12’s,
  10. Paul14


    I put a set of John Pearce pure Nickel lights (12-54) on mine. I love the result.
  11. My J-200 is a 2000. My Dove is 2007. Yes they both have the thinner guards. Not sure I want to spend $500 to replace the pickguard though. I live in an area where there are lots of painters, & musicians. Getting someone to repaint it is a possibility? Matching the paint could be another problem. The faded flowers don’t bother me really, but if it could be easily fixed I would be up for it. Like Kristofferson said,,,” if it don’t come easy now, it ain’t worth fighting for!”
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