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  1. Would like to apologize to other forum members for allowing myself to get sucked into this ridiculous “conversation “. I usually avoid these idiots like the plague. Sorry everyone! This forum is supposed to be about acoustic Gibson’s not this nonsense, & I will do everything in my power to avoid this, in the future. i will never have my mind changed by anything these people have to say, & vise versa. these endless, pointless discussions don’t belong here! Not sure they have a place anywhere for that matter. I don’t even use straws, of any description.
  2. You can always tell when a useful idiots think that anyone who disagree with them is stupid. They begin to be insulting. Surprised you haven’t played the nazi, racist, redneck, card. Sounds like you’ve been brainwashed by one of Americas finest schools.. Drive your Prius , but at least realize where electricity comes from!, as well as how polluting they are. If your precious Obama believed this crap, he wouldn’t have bought the property. & where in hell did he get 15 million dollars? Not from his pay checks. Do the math. Seems everyone who wants us to all make sacrifices, sacrifice nothing! i don’t give a crap how you choose to live your life. I just ask for the same consideration.
  3. Your climate experts use computer “models “. They program them to say what they want them to say! i have an idea. How about we limit the purchase of guitars to one per household? Wouldn’t that help save the planet. If the east coat is gonna be under water soon, why did mister “at some point you’ve earned enough money” Obama, just buy a 15 million dollar beach front property? How many mansions does Bernie own now? Do you believe in the science of gender too, or are there 62 genders?
  4. You do realize that without coal fired plants, the Prius ain’t going anywhere right?
  5. Aren’t they littering the sidewalks of California cities? Guess that’s ok? What are the true polluters doing about the environment! China, Bangladesh, Vietnam ect, ect. Are you & Neil preaching to them also? We’re not even one of the top 20 polluters in the world. How exactly is banning straws here helping anything. Besides it’s all gonna end in 12 years anyway. Let’s party. That guy can have as many Maseratis as he wants. Who are you to decide that? Nobody’s telling you, you can’t buy another Prius! by the way, what exactly is the correct temperature of the earth?
  6. Hey, we’re banning plastic straws. What more do you want? I noticed they aren’t banning plastic syringes though.
  7. If he starts talking I’ll twist the knob. Love his music, but don’t really care about his philosophy!
  8. Those look just like my 2 favorite guitars. Only difference is, your house is much cleaner than mine.
  9. I love the burst on this guitar! Hope this works out for you.
  10. I replaced the Grover’s on my J-45 with Kluson Deluxe tuners. You just need to drill the top hole. Not a big deal.
  11. Probably not everyone’s cup of tea, but I just replaced the tuner buttons, to silver tulips.
  12. Beautiful! Both the birds pictured are gorgeous.
  13. A lot of people credit John Prine for songs that Goodman wrote.
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