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  1. Rest In Peace Mr. Shaver! The closest thing to Hank Williams, I’ve ever heard! thanks for all the music you left behind. 81 years is a good run. You were absolutely “the Real Deal”!!
  2. Not to shabby for your 1st Gibson. Go big, or go home! Congratulations on a gorgeous guitar.
  3. The man is a true legend! The man who took Jimmy Buffett to Key West, & taught us It was ok to be “ContraryTo Ordinary “. never missed an episode of Texas Connection, & I love everything he ever did musically! Can’t say I wasn’t expecting this. He had one of the best lives ever!
  4. When I took an LG1 to rainbow guitars in Tucson, for a bridge replacement. They had to make one??
  5. Congratulations on a wonderful guitar. You got a good un. That will be an awesome addition to the Epiphone. You did good!
  6. I have several guitars, but if I could only have one, it would be the J-200.
  7. I have a lady friend who owns a Rosewood SJ-200. It’s a very impressive guitar. congrats on your new guitar, & thanks for the video. It’s gorgeous!
  8. Isn’t that the Bob Dylan model? It is beautiful, that’s for sure.
  9. Beginning to wonder about the new owners of Gibson. There’s been so many complaints on this forum since they took over. These pics are ridiculous. Unacceptable. I’ve got 5 Gibson’s, all from the Ren Ferguson day’s, all flawless. I’m sure a few lemons got past quality control under his watch too, but not to the extent that we’re seeing now. At least that’s my opinion. $5,000? This would not be excepted on a $500. Guitar. I’ve got a Dreadnaught JR, made in Mexico, that’s doesn’t have any glue run out. Got it on sale from Maury’s for $350. It very clean. This is crazy.
  10. Never had a problem. 6 off, 6 on. Makes it easier to clean the fretboard
  11. Gorgeous guitar. Congratulations, & enjoy.
  12. Paul14

    J45 Studio

    Just call it a southern Jumbo studio. At any rate it looks pretty sharp.
  13. I sent mine to Jake for obvious reasons. I don’t live near any Luthier ‘s that I would trust to do the work. There’s 2 or 3 in my area that are capable of basic setups, & such, but I wouldn’t want them doing much beyond that. The problem for me is that he is swamped. He’s had it 6 months. He says mine is coming up pretty soon? That’s ok with me, I want quality, not speed.
  14. Mine is exactly like this one. Except mine is in better condition. https://jakewildwood.blogspot.com/2018/01/1920s-oscar-schmidt-made-galiano-0-size.html
  15. I’ve got 5, 2005 J-45 2001 J-50 2008 J-45 RW 2000 SJ-200 2007 Dove. got a couple Martins too. A Seagull Artist Mosaic. I have a 1920’s Galiano, that Jake Wildwood has. He’s doing a neck reset, & generally giving it a good going over. Looking forward to getting that one back.
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