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  1. I believe the bone is used because there aren’t pickups installed. My 2000 SJ-200 came with bone too. It has no pickup either.
  2. I have a 2007 Dove. Bought off of reverb, sight unseen. Couldn’t be happier. Awesome guitar. It & my 2000 J-200 are by far my favorite guitars.
  3. Finally, a new J-45 model. About time!
  4. Love Joe, love the guitar, love the song. One of Robert Earls best. this has always been my favorite music. Rodney wrote a nice little history of this music scene, & yes he used his old Gibson.
  5. My question too. Mine is a 2007, & most of the flowers on the guard are long gone! I’m loving these vids though. Very, very interesting.
  6. I believe that Gibson uses bone in their straight acoustic guitars, & tusq on the guitars that have pickups. This is how they used to sort it out, not sure if that’s changed?
  7. I have one of these. Seagull artist mosaic. Mahogany, with a cedar top. I like it a lot. https://sixstringacoustic.com/seagull-artist-mosaic-review-acoustics-under-1000-review-series
  8. Loved that. I’m a big fan of the 15 series. I’ve got a 98 00-15 that has aged very well. it’s gone from punchy, to resonate. Almost unbelievable!
  9. I pretty much plan a set up whenever I buy a guitar., regardless if it’s new or used. One persons great set up, might not be so great to the next.
  10. Not sure what the problem is with yours, however my RW J-45 had terrible intonation problems. A new saddle fixed it. If yours start to cost money, I would return it. You say say the guy is nice, but he must have known it was not right! How did he miss the fact that it was buzzing?
  11. Thanks. It a very cool looking guitar. If I had any money, I would like to take a closer look at on of these. I would have to sell something, & that’s not happening.
  12. Cool looking guitar. Please excuse my ignorance, but what’s a an AA?
  13. Very big congratulations to you. I’m still amazed at how such a large guitar can weigh so little. I’m amazed at every aspect of mine.
  14. Waylon Jennings had nothing good to say about him.
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