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  1. More new stuff. “Jesus is like Duct tape, he fixes everything “ gotta love it. Willie’s daughter
  2. I think Wade is playing a custom rw J-45. When I’ve seen him before it has been with a burst custom. He seems fond of those rw j-45’s.
  3. Haven’t bought a new Gibson in many years. I have bought several used ones though. I can’t afford new “expensive “ guitars. It’s just that simple for me. Got a 2007 Dove for $1600, got a 2001 J-200 for $2000. Have 3 J-45’s. Only one problem to speak of. My 2008 J45RW needed a new saddle.
  4. I was also, into the whole Rosewood thing. I owned Guilds, Martins & Gibson’s. All kinds of different models. Back when I was buying Rosewood exclusively, I came to the conclusion that the D-55 Guild was the best. I found the Martin D-35 basey I thought the D-28 was kind of flat. We’re all different when it comes to this stuff. I also liked the Advanced Jumbo. Now, however I find both the AJ, & the D-55, way too overpowering for my taste. We can describe “tone” all day long on this forum & you still aren’t going to know what a particular guitar does for you, until you play it.
  5. Jinder's experiences and impressions of the J-45 RW don’t match mine, either, but I think he is spot on concerning the SJ-200. Never seen that video before. How did I miss that??
  6. Take it in, & have it fixed. Tinkering with it can solve the problem, or it can make the problem worse. A good Luthier can correct the problem.
  7. “Well, just some food for thought. I hope you sort it out. Personally, I really enjoy having a RW, a Hummingbird and a Maple SJ. Each one is a delight to play and sound nice in their own ways. If you really do like the SJ-200, complimenting it in the stable with a Rosewood sounds like a wonderful idea. ” My thoughts also. Well put. Variety is the way to go. I don’t own a Hummingbird, but I do have a J-45 from 2005, & a 2001 J-50, & a couple 15 series Martins. It’s nice to be able to play whatever you’re in the mood for.
  8. Yes, you would find the 2 very different! I sold my first J-200. It was a huge mistake. It took me 20 years to be able to get another one. Maybe you’re in a better financial situation than me, but that’s my story, & I’m sticking to it.
  9. “I love the looks and aura of my SJ-200 and like its tight bass, but I also find it a bit cold sterile, compared to a Taylor for example“ I own both, a 2000 J-200, & a 2008 J-45RW. I’ve never played a Taylor that could compare to either. That’s just my opinion of course. You didn’t say which Taylor? I guess that’s ok, since they all sound the same. Just kidding......sort of. I’ve always referred to the J-45 as lush. (Whatever that means).
  10. Never even heard of a J-45 Deluxe. Not that I don’t keep up with the new stuff, which I don’t. Staying on top of the different J-45’s has become a full time job. Glad you asked the question though. I’m sure somebody on this forum will let us know. Now I’m curious!
  11. I liked a story from back in the early days when he was playing that black J-200 . The story goes he borrowed it from a friend, & liked it so much, he refused to give it back.
  12. I’m with you on this one. I have a friend who owns a custom rw J-200. Nice guitar, but I prefer Maple! Not so many years ago, I had the attitude, that if a guitar wasn’t rw, I wasn’t interested. Not sure what happened but, my taste changed. I have a dozen guitars now, only one is rw.
  13. I’ve throughly enjoyed this series of videos. Thanks
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