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  1. No ****? I never would have pegged you for a wow player. I've played since May '07.
  2. I forget the stock measurement for pickup clearance under the strings, but it's mostly a matter of preference. If the pickups are too high then you'll get notes that flatten out and sound dull due to electromagnetic pull from the pickups 'dragging' the strings as they vibrate. If the pickups are too low then you can experience and lack of clarity and sustain. Find what works for you, a lot of people around here keep our pickups pretty low because of the positive effects it has on the tone. Another thing to mention is that if you turn the screws on either side of the pickup an unequal amount of times, you'll notice that either the treble will be louder than the bass strings, or vice versa. You can play around with this to help form your sound too, but most people suggest just balancing your pickups to be even. Have fun setting up your guitar. Learning how to do it yourself is an awesome thing to do. Guitar care and maintenance is a great hobby.
  3. That show is a perfect example of everything that's wrong with Adult Swim nowadays. **** like The Squidbillies, Xavier, Superjail!... it's all useless shock value garbage that does more offending than entertaining. Like, I'm not a wuss about shocking/offensive comedy, but it should at least be done with some semblance of taste and tact.
  4. Decriminalize marijuana already. Everyone knows you're going to do it eventually.
  5. Quoted from the overview: 22-fret solid maple neck Maybe you don't know what maple looks like? Or maybe it's stained wood? Either way, Gibson says it's maple.
  6. Fine, quoted from the overview: Gibson USA’s Les Paul Studio Raw Power is the Les Paul in its most basic form, yet built like none other before it. And it starts with a solid maple body to match its traditional maple top, resulting in a more articulate, bright tone. A maple fingerboard gives each played note a snappier response. Maybe you guys don't know what maple looks like? Or maybe the neck is stained?
  7. http://www2.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/Les-Paul/Gibson-USA/Les-Paul-Studio-Raw-Power/Specs.aspx Body Species: Maple Neck Species: Maple Fingerboard Species: Maple No mahogany.
  8. That link is clumping the worn mahogany LP Studios in with the regular ones. The worn mahogany Studios come with BB Pro 1 and 2 for pickups and a worn plain finish, and cost $500 less (that's the $799 price you're seeing). The regular Studio comes with a normal high gloss finish and 490r and 498t pickups. That's the $1319 price you're seeing. Both have carved maple tops. The raw power guitars are made from 100% maple (meaning the body and neck are maple along with the carved top, instead of being mahogany with a maple top). They come with '57 Classics. Quite a variety of "low" end models from Gibson. Nice range of tones available. Definitely test in store to find out which one you like best if you're trying to decide between the three. Remember, the price doesn't make the tone, the hardware does.
  9. Is it "pretty darned loud" or is it "loud enough to gig with." Because I doubt it's the latter.
  10. I'm sure you can find a used HR Deluxe/Blues Deville/Blues Deluxe for 500 dollars. I got my HR Deluxe brand new for just over 700. Look around, because if you really want a gigging amp, the 15w Jr isn't going to do it unless you know for sure you'll be able to mic it.
  11. I take it black as Samuel L. Jackson and twice as strong. A morning person, I am not.
  12. Or... we can quote the fourth post in this thread from someone who actually owns this guitar:
  13. Because some people, rather than buying a guitar for how it looks or what name it has on it, buy a guitar for the tones it can produce and for its playability. Please stop posting useless drivel. Unless you've played one of these guitars and can provide helpful input, there's no reason to just idiotically scream about how bad they are. PS- I plan on testing these soon as I find one around town. I'm really interested in seeing how the maple sounds with the '57 classics.
  14. I don't think you can listen to some of Hendrix's songs without just gasping in awe at the magic he makes with it. Just listen to a song like Hey Baby (New Rising Sun). I got into all this in the "most overrated artist" thread a week or so ago, when someone amazingly claimed that Hendrix was the most overrated artist of all time. When people like Pete Townshend and Eric Clapton are saying "he put me to shame" I don't think there's even an argument to be made here. #1, hands down.
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