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  1. Hello GuitarLight, thanks for making me a 'friend'!

  2. Yes nice web site. I enjpyed browsing through it!
  3. lol...It certainly is a crowded room isn't it?! I visited a local GC yesterday and played a nice Gibson Hummingbird Pro. It really sounded good, and the fit and finish were very good. GC usually carries these in their show rooms for those who wish to try one. It had a warm buttery sound and I might have been tempted to buy it had I not already owned a Gibson Hummingbird MC. The price is certainly right on the Gibson Hummingbird Pro!
  4. I think there's still hope for you! Lead and don't follow and you will be fine. Most people in this forum are inherently good. Leave the diciples and you will be back to talking Gibsons instead of nonsense.
  5. No one believes you except the other diciple followers. Your credibility is zero. Now, shall we try again? Back to Gibsons. Or will there be more snake double talk?
  6. Well, well, well, his majesty, the king of the diciple trolls shows up! Welcome Hogeye! As another member previously stated...They like to blow air up his you know where.
  7. Yes I agree those J-200's can be very large on a sopha.
  8. As you can see from above I have tried to return this thread to normal. The new troll entries (diciples) show how destructive trolls can be. Fortyearspickin and blindboy have shown their colors. Nothing unexpected.
  9. That's acceptable. We know your not one of the trouble makers!
  10. Very nice Martin D-35. It likely will roar as my HD-28 did! And the top woods look book matched and not stained or run out. Martin is good at making those. Good luck with it! Martin makes a fine flawless guitar that's for sure.
  11. Great idea..maybe some of them will use it! I'm sorry they highjacked this thread on you. I'd like to get this thread back on track...Let's see if the disrupters allow it..... ...How is your Gibson working out for you? After all this thread was started by you for information on gibsons...How is it going, and how can we be of posative help to you?
  12. Quite a mixed bag of congeniality isn't it? ...your post? Tell it to Hogeye. He's your buddy. ...My obsession with him ...lol....no no, it's your obsession. Your his follower. Perhaps Hogeye is MY disciple...he seems to follow me around like a puppy!
  13. Such wisdom. Bless your heart. I'm sure the moderators know too.
  14. Gibson does not apply its laquer that way. I may have mistakenly assumed that in the past. There is no lying involved. When I made that statement that was in error on my part. Is that what you want children? Is that what you need to hear to stop the Hogeye's exaggerations? .....Well now you have the real truth. I have never tried to perpetuate that story as true...It is Hogeye who has done that. It is simply Hogeyes way of continuing to bring up anything he can to start arguments. He of course has never made a mistake, never made an error. He is the man who knows how to run a Gibson foru
  15. Great answer! It could be one answer to late night playiing, by using the ear phones!
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