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  1. Hello GuitarLight, thanks for making me a 'friend'!

  2. Great answer. Love it. And so true. Now watch the herds, and the sales people in here attack!
  3. Kansas! ... Dorothy? ...Auntie Em? ...Is that you?! ...There's no place like home! ...Welcome!
  4. Sorry, perhaps I was a bit harsh.... I should just forget about this guitar and look elsewhere.
  5. Oh that wonderful Masterbilt AJ45ME!!! ...It does seem like we've all been had doesn't it?! ...I have called 12 different Guitar Centers today to see if any of them has the Aj45ME on the floor for customers to try out. None did, except for one in SanFrancisco, ...lot of good that does me in Pennsylvania! I would have to assume that Guitar Center either refused to put them on the floor, or they were ordered by Epiphone not to put them out! It would seem that time has probably run out for the mysterous mongrel breed, this J-45/Advanced Jumbo, scrubby looking unpolished little Epiphone AJ45ME. Every forum from AGF, to Martin, to Gibson, to this Epi forum, as well as the Epiphone web site, have threads on the Masterbilt AJ45ME. ...And most of the peoples reviews and comments ain't too pretty. Perhaps it's time to move on. There's always Recording King, like Cliff was smart enough to buy instead of this AJ45ME thing.. Yamaha makes good guitars too in that price range and so do many other guitar makers including Martin. People are tired of waiting and wondering about this beast. And that is usually a bad sign. Once momentum is lost, it is seldom regained. I would have to say that the Epiphone marketing for this guitar has been atrocious, with many still waiting to recieve them from their delaers, only to be dissapointed. Not even a decent quality Epiphone sales video has been put out. It's almost like Epiphone wants to commit suicide on this one. ... they're sure doing a pretty bang up job on that!
  6. Morkolo...I don't know if you have Guitar Centers near you in Canada...but there are some very good values to be had on newer Gibson hummingbirds there. Below is th used GC HB link. I'll still keep an open mind about the Masterbilt AJ45ME. As well as consider the used J-45 market should I stumble upon a gem. But I know that gems on the used market can be hard to find. Good luck in your hunt! http://www.guitarcen...n%20Hummingbird
  7. GuitarLight I have to disagree on one point, I love my J45 but I think a Gibson Hummingbird like the one you own is the best model for the purpose you describe. Morkolo...Yes I definately agree with you that the Gibson Hummingbird is definately the best for vocals and singing....being greedy, I would also like a J-45 like yours which is just a bit louder, not a cannon, but still great for every king of music and has a one of a kind tone like the Hummingbird. What a nice set that would make wouldn't it?! ...tho I know that I will not likely find this in an AJ45ME..that would likely require buying an authentic Gibson J-45 which costs big smackaroos!
  8. Yes I am a bit more impressed with what I am hearing on this video of the AJ45ME ( I like the singers too!) ....Here we have a J-45 type model which is performing as designed, to compliment the singing members voice without over riding their vocal tone, or becoming overbearingly loud, yet keeping sweet clean chording and notes. When people sing, they need a guitar which will not upstage them with loud raucus volume, because that can be destructive to almost any singer in performance. The Gibson J-45 is a champion of this. And at least in THIS video, the AJ45 seems to be working well with the band. It is good to see. ...Although I must say that I will never be impressed with it's foggy sandpaper looking finish. I suspect that if Epiphone were to give this poor drab looking instrument a clear coat of crystal thin poly gloss, on front, back and sides.. ...there would waiting lines to buy it. Too bad. As it stands it appears to be a good guitar, but unfortunately, an ugly duckling as well.
  9. Another video appearance of the AJ45ME
  10. So many wonderful guitar players in one room! So happy to meet you all! I've played for many years and find acoustic guitars one of the most pleasurable endeavers in life!
  11. I would agree with most of what you have said. Pins, saddles, strings, 80/20 or PB's and guages, coated or uncoated strings, are all critical to tone. Great thread!
  12. No never had that experience. But I use elixirs.
  13. Thanks for that Mick! I keep looking for reviews on this one...there's also one customer review presently in MF.
  14. Thanks cliff but unfortunately the only techs we have in my area are guitar center techs...I am not sure I'm comfortable with letting them do that. But if I do fine a competant one, I will consider it.
  15. Yes I agree with you. The AJ45ME is far too cloudy looking....even if they only put gloss on the top it would be better. It doesn't appear that these are selling well at all because of the finish. No reviews to speak of. A full gloss top and back ...gloss poly finish, would guarentee a sale for me, and likely many others. I want one bad...but not bad enough to have a dull cloudy matte finish on this Masterbilt. Perhaps some one will buy them. I guess Epiphone must not care on this one. Surprising really.
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