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  1. Yes nice web site. I enjpyed browsing through it!
  2. lol...It certainly is a crowded room isn't it?! I visited a local GC yesterday and played a nice Gibson Hummingbird Pro. It really sounded good, and the fit and finish were very good. GC usually carries these in their show rooms for those who wish to try one. It had a warm buttery sound and I might have been tempted to buy it had I not already owned a Gibson Hummingbird MC. The price is certainly right on the Gibson Hummingbird Pro!
  3. I think there's still hope for you! Lead and don't follow and you will be fine. Most people in this forum are inherently good. Leave the diciples and you will be back to talking Gibsons instead of nonsense.
  4. No one believes you except the other diciple followers. Your credibility is zero. Now, shall we try again? Back to Gibsons. Or will there be more snake double talk?
  5. Well, well, well, his majesty, the king of the diciple trolls shows up! Welcome Hogeye! As another member previously stated...They like to blow air up his you know where.
  6. Yes I agree those J-200's can be very large on a sopha.
  7. As you can see from above I have tried to return this thread to normal. The new troll entries (diciples) show how destructive trolls can be. Fortyearspickin and blindboy have shown their colors. Nothing unexpected.
  8. That's acceptable. We know your not one of the trouble makers!
  9. Very nice Martin D-35. It likely will roar as my HD-28 did! And the top woods look book matched and not stained or run out. Martin is good at making those. Good luck with it! Martin makes a fine flawless guitar that's for sure.
  10. Great idea..maybe some of them will use it! I'm sorry they highjacked this thread on you. I'd like to get this thread back on track...Let's see if the disrupters allow it..... ...How is your Gibson working out for you? After all this thread was started by you for information on gibsons...How is it going, and how can we be of posative help to you?
  11. Quite a mixed bag of congeniality isn't it? ...your post? Tell it to Hogeye. He's your buddy. ...My obsession with him ...lol....no no, it's your obsession. Your his follower. Perhaps Hogeye is MY disciple...he seems to follow me around like a puppy!
  12. Such wisdom. Bless your heart. I'm sure the moderators know too.
  13. Gibson does not apply its laquer that way. I may have mistakenly assumed that in the past. There is no lying involved. When I made that statement that was in error on my part. Is that what you want children? Is that what you need to hear to stop the Hogeye's exaggerations? .....Well now you have the real truth. I have never tried to perpetuate that story as true...It is Hogeye who has done that. It is simply Hogeyes way of continuing to bring up anything he can to start arguments. He of course has never made a mistake, never made an error. He is the man who knows how to run a Gibson forum better than the moderators, or so he says. A man who calls this forum "a joke" ..his words... With every post he brings rediculous things of the past up. ...Well Hogeye, and anyone else out there who is fishing for trouble...here's some news for you. ....Gibson does not finish its guitars with cotton cloths and a bucket of laquer. What past story will Hogeye now resort to in the future to cause trouble?...this story of the laquer is now straightened out. Perhaps an appology is in order Hogeye. I'm big enough to accept one, if you are man enough to give one.
  14. Great answer! It could be one answer to late night playiing, by using the ear phones!
  15. More of the same from Hogeye. We see and hear your snake tongue.You have driven many from this forum......And if I choose to believe one guitar is better over another, that is my right. Your assaults will never change that. But you fail to see or comprehend that I have repeatedly praised Gibson...particularly my Hummingbird...yet a single mention of Martin, or Taylor, and you go ballistic. Comical really. It is you who should be banned. You have been in involved in more brawls in here than any other on record. Yes I love my brand new Martin D-18. It is a wonderful compliment to my wonderful Gibson Hummingbird, or are you deaf too? Stop making up nonsense. If you can not contribute to this Gibson forum in a posative manner, get out, before the moderators throw you out. Perhaps you should go over to the Martin forum. Where you belong.
  16. Hogeye...enter troll number 3. Please ignore thr trolls.
  17. Don't worry, it's not you! lol Better to get back to the Gibsons I think. But I do think an original HB pick guard would look good on a Hummingbird Pro. Either way they are nice looking guitars for sure! But those pick guards are pretty hard to get I hear.
  18. lol...it's so true! ....and thank you!! We need a little comdic relief around here! Get out the popcorn and glasses, and then sit down with a wonderful Gibson to escape the world I always say!
  19. You've just proven my point. You are a troll. Anyone who traces this threads dialogue will see you are trolling again. That you have attacked first, and that you continue to attack unwarrented. So far you have attacked twice. Will you call in more diciples? More followers? We ingnore you. Because that is what must be done to trolls! The poster is not concerned with your constant attacks on members, they are concerned only about their Gibson Hummingbird Pro. Perhaps you would do better to stick to the forum subject, (Gibsons) instead of trying to divert attention to yourself by acting like you are 6 years old. 14 years old would be quite mature for you wouldn't it? Where are the rest of your diciples? Who follows who in the clique?
  20. I'm with YOU! I think the J-15's are the best! ...and very cool! That's my verdict!!!! And congratulations on that killer guitar! They are indeed an atriculate cannon!
  21. Your J100 Xtra is perfectly normal no matter what anyone says, and it is a wonderful guitar. One you will enjoy for many years to come no doubt! I've owned this model and the J-200 as well. Both fine guitars, let no one mislead you! Best wishes on that great Gibson!I find the 100 model much cleaner looking with less glitz.
  22. Congradulations on your new Gibson! I hope you will enjoy it for years to come! That Gibson sound really can't be beat...not even by Martin!
  23. Fortyearspickin is actually theTroll. Sad really. I guess he has nothing else in life. I kind of pity him. He gets very nasty at times if you write something he doesn't agree with and then resorts to name calling like troll etc etc. He is angry because I spoke of and mentioned a Martin D-18 and addressed Gibson Bone/Tusq saddle spec issues....this is a no no to him and his groupies. He has been at this for years and driven many good people from this forum.. He appears to be a sales man, trying to get others to buy Gibson guitars, and who puts down anyone who does not worship and praise Gibsons, perhaps because he is afraid they will not buy one when they hear of any defects. He wants no negative reviews, only praises and worship so that perhaps he can justify the defective guitars he owns, and he wants you to never speak of, or bring up, issues in need of correction on the Gibsons which he appears to worship like religious symbols. I speak only the truth here. But believe me there are many diciples and followers of the this group. At least 10 others and they bond together like glue, spattering poison and insults at will to any who oppose their views. They will cut you down if you speak your mind. They will come together like a pack of wolves. They will insult you as he has me here. Pushing the issue about gibson bone/tusq saddle specs being correct, or incorrect, will result in being poo pooed by the faithful followers....persue it, and a frenzied attack of name calling could quickly occur by the diciples.....( I hope I've spelled that correctly or I risk being condemned again!) Poo poo! Now I ask you, the OP, (original poster) after reading this garbage that Fortyearspickin wrote above....the hate he spits out at me and other members, and the vile hatred condoned it appears by the moderators in here who seem to never ban him. Now, REALLY I ask you...Is what I wrote so horrible that this person has the right to defile and abuse another member by calling them a troll, and claiming they hate Gibsons?..It's pretty rediculous really. .....Take a look at my own icon in thie picture.....I OWN a 2013...$3000 Gibson Hummingbird...and love it! ....Yet this BASHER fortyearspickin, tells you I hate them! He continues to insult members publicly and personally, repeatedly, and abuse this good Gibson forum. ...Please Ignore him. He is a disgrace to this fine and wonderful Gibson forum...He is the TRUE troll in here...and so is Hogeye, and other members, they act like members of a religious cult when assaulting other members. ...Just be careful of what you write OP. or you could be next simply for speaking you own honest opinions. They lie in wait, particularly for newbies. There are many good people here in the Gibson forum, wise, intelligent, honest, and eager to help you. I'm sure you will be able to discern them....these trolls will even resort to private emailing you, telling you that so and so is a troll. Anyone who does that...IS the troll using you! ...Don't let them and you'll be fine in here. And yes, I know you are much smarter than that! It is people like Fortyyearspickin that destroy the integrity of a good forum like Gibson, misleading others, with false truths, and personal name calling, to influence what your write, to drive you from the forum. They particularly hate me because they have not succeded. I have not been driven out like the others.....I'm sure there are others who have experienced this constant abuse. He wants you in the cult of worshippers and followers in here. You have your own mind! Be smart. Stay away from these trolls...you will know them immediately... Fortyearspickin' response above is the typical response of an average troll. A trouble maker...a name caller...a personal attacker...one who wishes to start needless arguments for no reason at all and distract from the business of talking about Gibsons in a good light. I had not even addressed him with any comment at all!!...and yet the attack....quite typical really. ...and now the group attack will usually follow....! .....watch closely now....his diciples and followers will follow up with more vile hatred and assaults and entries on me, and other members who they HATE, simply because one speaks their mind about a Gibson. ....I love Gibsons by the way not hate them...believe me, if I didn't I wouldn't have dropped thousands an a wonderful Gibson Hummingbird...Is he mad?!. .but reading the garbage that this troll above, fortyearspickin, has written...well I think he would wish for you to think otherwise and hate me as well. ...I hope you won't do that. I wish you the best of luck on your new Gibson, you will come to love it if you do keep it and after all, everyone has the right to choose what they love right?....and if you disregard those in here who spread evil and hate at every opportunity...you will be just fine! You will be the winner! .......................................Best wishes, GuitarLight
  24. Gibson uses fine print..microscopic really somewhere in their site that says something like.. "We reserve the right to change specs at any time without giving notification." ....that may be legal, but it's pretty low. Perhaps you should make sure that you really like that guitar ,or return it. I consider such "fine print" ..to be lying to the customer. Also remember that changing the saddle from tusq to bone will change its sound, tone and volume levels..and not necessarily for the better. My Gibson Hummingbird came with a tusq saddle (as per the specs) and I decided to change it to a Colossi bone saddle. I put the bone saddle in...and HATED the sound. Both acoustically AND particularly when plugged in..it became LOUD and very filled with base, even unbalanced I would say. So I returned the factory tusq saddle, and whallah! The sound was returned. Tusq saddles are often better for plugging in and amplification. But remember...hehe..there's always that sweet full scale, mahogany premium sitka Martin D-18 with bone nut and saddle and slim modified easy play matte non sticky neck, man that neck was SMOOTH.. ....Played one the other day on sale with 15%0ff...cost $1996.
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