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  1. hello, i would buy my first gibson sg guitar. I have seen two guitar the SGJ and the SG 60s tribute. I like the SGJ, but i have smallest hands so i need a slim neck. has The SGJ 60 slim neck? Gibson said that he is a 50s rounded, which are the different between the 50s rounded and the 60 slim neck? on Musiczoo they say that the guitar has a 60 slim neck (http://www.themusiczoo.com/product/16586/Gibson-SGJ-Electric-Guitar-White-Trans/) which site say the true?

  2. salve ero interessato all'acquisto della sgj, ma volevo sapere come qualita a che livello siamo e inoltre se è di gran lunga meglio (considerando che la cosa che mi interessa di più di una chitarra, l'estetica apparte) la sg 60 tribute considerando che tra le due vi è un sovraprezzo di circa 200€

  3. I have searched but i didn't found them. all pickup rings on ebay have 46 mm height. Instead the others that have 44.6mm height but have only 89 mm lenght, My pickup rings have 91 mm lenght. If i take the seconds, which have only 89 of lenght (are 2 mm smaller than the others), could they fit? (i contact the seller and he answered me giving me the distance between the four mounting holes, which is the same of mine).



  4. the maesurement of mine are

    81mm X 37mm hole mounting space

    92mm X 44,7 (about 45mm) external


    at gresygrover have a pickup ring for epiphon ebut the dimensions are too big. i have g400 pro, is possible that it has gibson pickup ring? which are the dimension of pickup ring gibson?

  5. I have an old G-400 SG epiphone, but i must repair it. The parts that i must change are:

    - Bridge (tune-o-matic and Tailpiece)

    - Turners

    - Mounting ring

    - Knobs

    - Pickguard


    For the bridge i must search a 2-29/32" (73.66) or a 2,913" (73.99 mm) Metric bridge? which is the correct?

    I have already found the turners.

    The gibson mounting rings and knobs doesn't fit. so i must search it online. I think i can found them on ebay. The principal problem is the pickguard, the gibson pickguard doesn't fit so i decide to have a personal pickguard made by a liuther. did you know if some shop have an SG G-400 Pickguard?

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