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  1. Wrong pickguard Mr Arnuk, sacrilege !
  2. Maybe older rusty strings were on the SJ ?
  3. Em7 and Sal, funny story for me too : sold my HB TV 2012 (made in september) to make room for an AJ, and later regretted it. One year later, sold the AJ, contacted the guy who I sold the HB to, and bought it back ! Now I find that 2012 HB TV has the best Gibson Acoustic tone I've ever heard : warm, woody, mellow, thumpy (and it's feather light) the perfect guitar for sad cowboy ballads ( picked with a thumb pick...delicious low E and A thump). Indeed Em7, I also own a 2012 HB 1960's RI, heavier (bracing inside says "J45" ???), adjustable tusq saddle, that I love as well, but sounds different, punchier, I can strum it harder, while the TV is more subtle and can get muddy with a strong right hand, but the 1960's RI still delivers the HB nectar. Sal, I've been there, it took me 3 Hummingbird TVs to find the right one, so keep going, I hope this one is THE one ! Cheers.
  4. This thing sounds and looks gorgeous, pure Gibson. Makes me wanna throw a rosewood saddle on my 1960's reissue ADJ Bridged-Bird ;)
  5. yummy, Big GROVER ROTOMATICS + Richlite Fingerboard and Bridge, what a treat (quel Régal !)
  6. Hi Lars, I like your singing and playing, sounds like TVZ. Through these 2 recordings, I prefered the warmer D28, and it suits your voice better, for this song. The J45 is sounding metallic to me (yes, shrill). But the capo is high and does not let the guitars deliver their full voice. Anyway, I was surprised, I was expecting a much boomier and overwhelming D28 Marquis (Adi+FSSB+RW) but found it warm and balanced.
  7. Nice comparison. The J50 is crisper, more compressed, while the Eastman is airy and dry, very much like a (Adi topped) J45 TV.
  8. Congratulations Sir ! I can't wait to hear it...
  9. I am 99,9% positive that new Gibson Acoustics, from 2013 on, come from the factory with Masterbuilt 80/20s. (I love them on my hummingbirds) Just based on my personnal experience of trying brand new Gibsons in shops those last years : consistantly the same sound and feel and look, definitely factory Masterbuilt 80/20s. On my own Gibsons I compared those factory strings with Daddario EJ11, 80/20s, 53-12s, : exact same strings, sound, feel, look, except the colored ball ends on Daddarios. To me, as BBG said, Daddario makes EJ11s for Gibson. Over here, when the Masterbuilts 80/20 12s are not out of stock, they're priced just a hair above the EJ11s, just paying for the Gibson packaging...
  10. Could it be a returned guitar? or/and maybe it's not a flawless one and they want to get rid of it (read customers reviews). Some years ago, Thomann sold AJ's way below the usual price of the market, I have seen some of those AJ's in hands, they had flaws here and there (neck angle, misaligned bridgepin holes, 3 layer rosewood bridge...)
  11. I'm with Lars, while both guitars sound wonderful, on those recordings I find the Vintage to sound bigger, stronger, almost like a D18. The TV on the other hand sounds sweeter, warmer, with the typical Hummingbird nectar. But I might be biased : I once played a 2016 Vintage HB that I didn't like quite as much as my beloved 2012 TV ;) It's all a matter of taste, again two great guitars
  12. Now that I have my October 2012 HB TV back, I'm sticking with it I got to play a Hummingbird Vintage last year and while it was a wonderful looking and sounding guitar, I much prefer my True Vintage. I found the Vintage to sound brighter, stronger, throatier, and I can understand people like Buc thinking they could be happy with that one and only guitar since it's more an allrounder. My HB TV is looser, smoother with more of that honey glaze that I found on a 1961 actual vintage Hummingbird. Could talk about Hummingbirds for hours and hours...
  13. That's right. I think our friend LittleJohnny had (still has?) one of those.
  14. Hi Em7 ! I have to admit that all the great video performances posted by Buc McMaster and ThemisSal with their HB Vintage brought me back to the voliere ! (and you have to know that a while ago, I was lucky enough to buy back the october 2012 HB TV I foolishely sold ). You’re correct Sir, well to a certain extent : - The 2007 to 2009 regular TV had the orange burst and the B-W-B rosette, cali-girl case ( I used to own one of those, a january 2008 with wonderful Madagascar fingerboard and bridge) pictures found on google : - The very limited run of 167 pieces Hummingbird TV, called « Hummingbird VOS », made in 2008 had indeed the dark red burst, W-B-W rosette and the black case with yellow interior. I remember you had one of those, Em7. And your April 2012 TV is an oddity, a monday morning work at the Bozeman plant
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