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  1. I hear a lot about the general consensus being that LP reissues are best for that vintage vibe and that the production model LP Custom is best suited for high-gain modern rock type sounds, as it is less 'warm' and more 'aggressive' than some of the other LP models out there.


    I am wondering what people here think of this? How versatile is a modern Custom?


    I tend to really like the aesthetics and, actually, the neck feel of the LP Custom but i also tend to play blues/classic rock mostly so I definitely dont need a 'metal' based guitar.


    Of course, I'll try and spend some quality time plugged in at a store (if i can find one that has several models) but also would like some thoughts from experienced members here, as I start my search.



  2. I had read somewhere that the '59 had larger frets' date=' in addition to a slimmer neck.[/quote']


    i think the original models (i.e. not the reissues but the actual production models in 1959) did tend to have larger frets. i am pretty sure this continued into the 1960 production year. i dont think this feature (along with certain others) has been accurately replicated in the various reissue years that have been put out...but i am no expert and am sure someone here will chime in.

  3. I like Gibson better for sound feel & looks...but value wise' date=' I have to give it to Fender.

    They produce a great guitar for $1,000.[/quote']


    i used to feel this way too....but with the recent fender price increases that strength of that argument isn't quite as strong as it used to be (not saying it still is not valid but it certainly is more debatable).

  4. thanks a lot guys! it sounds like my initial impression was mistaken...even though the VOS i tried had a smooth feeling neck, it was simply that guitar and not the fact that it was a VOS...in fact, if anything, based on the comments above it sounds like gloss models may have generally smoother necks than the VOS models.


    I must admit though...i have recently come round to the conclusion that i need to try guitars out before buying, thus eliminating the online dealers....but i literally have not seen one reissue gloss model in my area. I understand that you can order it from gibson but how do you balance having to order a guitar with being able to 'shop' around and try different ones in person to find the one?

  5. Bob,


    thanks a lot! it never even occured to me that 'antique' would be referring to anything other than the color. yes, my binding is quite 'aged' looking around the body of he guitar - certainly a yellowish hue to it.


    It is interesting though because my red does not seem nearly as vibrant as other examples of straight 'cherry' that i have seen. It's not as dark as 'wine red' (a la LP Custom) but it is not nearly as vibrant as the ES335 dot cherry that i saw a few weeks ago. Have you seen the dot cherry before? if so, how does that compare to your red?


    thanks again!

  6. Guys,


    I am curious about the antique red color used on the current production ES 335 models. Is this red intended to mimic a 'vintage' or worn cherry color or is it a totally different family of red altogether??


    The reason I ask is most of the famous vintage ES 335's in red I have seen are cherry red. I thought it odd that the current production model would not offer this color (at least not on the block neck model) but then thought perhaps 'antique red' is essentially the worn version of cherry (I guess not disimilar to how they offer washed cherry sunburst).


    Making things even more confusing, the '63 reissue comes in 'faded cherry' if i remember correctly. What is the difference between faded cherry and antique red?? Why dont they just use one gradation of the cherry color to make things simpler!


    I dont have a faded cherry to (original or 63 reissue) to compare to the antique red, so need some input from you guys.


    If that microscopic mark bothers you I wouldn't want to be around when you get your first ding....


    "don't make me angry...you wouldn't like me when i'm angry":)


    oddly enough, i really dont have much problem if im the one that has inflicted the damage....it was more the idea of having paid full premium for something already substandard - though, as others have pointed out, and as i came to the conclusion myself this was not the case here.


    i must admit though guys, i ended up selling that one (for other,unrelated, reasons) =D>

  8. Out of the historic reissues, is the '59 now the only one that comes with the gloss finish? on the website, their does not seem to be gloss models listed for '57 and '60, for example, which surprised me. i would have thought all models would be available in either finish.


    also, would there be any difference in the feel of the neck between gloss or VOS or is it strictly differences in physical appearance.


    I tried a '57 VOS locally and could have sworn the neck felt smoother without that 'sticky' laquer feel some of the gibsons have - but I do not know if this was a byproduct of the VOS finish or just of this particular guitar.



  9. hey guys,


    just wanted to thank everyone for their thoughts. i went to the store again and decided if nothing was special enough to make it a no-brainer, i would walk out and just keep on looking...i ended up walking out with a cherry red es 335 block neck:)


    seems out of nowhere, based on previous comments, but this was something i was really interested in several months ago. it was not as buttery as some of the les pauls i tried but i loved its full, warm sound plugged in and i just couldnt take my eyes off of it when i set it down to try some of the others. in a weird way, the fact that it wasnt the easiest to play (i.e. i had to work just a bit) brought a perverse pleasure....it just had an old school vibe that i really loved.


    I will still get my reissue LP someday, but it can wait for now:)


    thanks again

  10. guys,


    thanks a lot for the input. most of you confirmed my own thoughts - that the playability needs to be the driver unless i am just collecting.


    the setup was actually somthing i failed to bring up. i too had wondered if it the harrison was setup could it be as buttery as the 57. i didnt have any problem with the sound or neck profile on the harrison...it was more an issue of 'ease' of play, smoothness in bending etc. i definitely know the action was lower on the 57 but dont know if that explains the whole difference.


    here is the real problem - the store claims they just lost their setup guy so they cant do the setup and they have no return policy so i cant take it to get setup and then see if i like it....do i need to pass on both guitars here and find a decent store thats at least capable, if not eager, to try and set me up???

  11. guys,


    i was in the process of trying out guitars thinking i was trying to decide whether to go with '57 or '60 reissue. in the shop they had a harrison model les paul (the 'lucy' recreation) and now i am really torn between the '57 and the harrison.


    the '57 played just simply fantastic. the harrison (though certainly not bad) was not as much a player as the '57 but had all the sorts of intangibles that you would think (looks, relative rarity, cool story behind the original, etc.). it would be a great addition to a guitar collection i think.


    i am curious what you guys would do in this situation. do you solely decide on the basis of playability or do you also factor in just the fact that you may want a particular piece for reasons other than its just a killer player?


    i could see having both at some point but this is going to be my first and only LP for a while so it really seems like which should i get first. the 'player' seems like it should come first but the the likelihood of finding another harrison in such condition down the road could be very tough.


    how do you guys make your final buying decisions and what advice would you give here???


    thanks a lot!

  12. hey - thanks a lot guys.


    things have gotten a little more confusing for me after trying out a few guitars. I really took to a '57 goldtop, '60 burst and a harrison model les paul that i was able to try. they were all desireable in their own way...but i would probably pick the '57 over the '60 (out of these specific guitars that i tried) it just had something about it. the neck was obviously huge compared to the '60 but there was still something just comforting and 'solid' about it.


    What i am really confused about is the '57 vs the harrison. the '57 played better but the harrison had all the intangible mojo associated with it (look, history, collector aspect)...it wasn't a 'bad' player at all just not quite as nice as the '57. has anyone ever struglled with the same type of dilemna? its sort of like, do you just take the player or do you factor in the desirability of wanting a specific model for reasons other than solely playability...and if so, how do you work out what's really important to you.


    clearly, long run, i need both!!

  13. hey joe,


    thanks. yeah, we love it here in danville. very old fashioned small town but pretty close to San Fran. I have been to sfguitarworks for a set-up. they did a really nice job.


    i also like guitar showcase down in san jose - they have a huge vintage guitar collection - but some of them way out of my price range. rocker guitars in SF has a good gibson selection (though i dont care for the owner too much).


    about the harrison les paul, do you know if the color tends to be a little bit pinkish or orangish red in person? I have seen a reportedly new one but it is not a very vibrant red like some of the pics online show. i am wondering if this particular one i saw is just faded or if the actual color from the factory was sort of a faded, almost pinkish red. Lucy in the Revolution promo video and footage from Let It Be sure makes lucy look pretty vibrant/deep red compared to the reissue I saw.


    thanks joe

  14. deepblue,


    i have heard about orange amps before but dont really know anything about them. how would you describe their characteristic sound? more like marshall than tweeds?


    any particular models that would be good for tube sounds at home volumes?


    also, how do you like your hotplate? i have been thinking about getting one for my tweed (to get natural overdrive at lower volumes) but am worried about losing tone?

  15. guitar slinger,


    thanks - perhaps my tweed twin will go with it then - it would be nice if it does, as i'd really prefer one amp that can fit all my guitars!


    i find it interesting that, historically, there are a lot of examples of fender going through marshall or vox...but i really dont know of that many examples of les pauls going thru fender amps

  16. I am close to pulling the trigger on either a "57Vos or a Harrison Les Paul (basically, a variation on the '57). Ive been pretty much a fender guy in the past and was wondering what Amp's you feel really complete and compliment the Les Paul??


    I have a Fender Tweed right now - that I LOVE with my Strats but am wondering if this might to be too...'warm' or midey with a Les Paul?? Once I get the guitar I will of course try it with my tweed but just looking to get a little heads up on what to expect and start getting some ideas on what another amp could provide with the les paul that would be different than the tweed.


    Any thoughts greatly apprectiated.



  17. yes, like that one. I am not interested in the Wildwood one, however, and would feel like it is somewhat inappropriate taking up their time when I intend on purchasing it from someone else...so if anyone on here has any information on them I would greatly appreciate it!



  18. I dont know which forum is the best to post this in but....


    I understand that there was a somewhat limited run of "Lucy" done in 2007(?) and i was tryin gto get some additional info on it.


    Does anyone have any idea on:



    - how many were produced

    - whether the neck profile and pickups are the same as the '57 reissue



    - Most importantly, whether the VOS treatment was used. The only examples i have seen of this guitar have somewhat 'aged' hardware and what appears to be aged finish and I wanted to know if they were produced that way out of the factory or if this is the product of the only examples now are getting older and are showing signs of use.


    thanks a lot guys!!

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