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  1. I understand that there was a somewhat limited run of "Lucy" done in 2007(?) and i was tryin gto get some additional info on it. Does anyone have any idea on: - how many were produced - whether the neck profile and pickups are the same as the '57 reissue - Most importantly, whether the VOS treatment was used. The only examples i have seen of this guitar have somewhat 'aged' hardware and what appears to be aged finish and I wanted to know if they were produced that way out of the factory or if this is the product of the only examples now are getting older and are showing sig
  2. Guys, I am seriously contemplating making my first jump into the Reissue pool. I have spent most of my time playing and learning about differences in Fender vintages so I could use all the help I can get! I am thinking of a '60 reissue because of the slimmer neck profile - my hand is certainly not very large (not necessarily really small but definitely not large) so I think this might work best for me. I have a couple of questions though: 1) Other than the physical appearance is there any difference between a gloss and VOS finish? for example, in FenderLand, the relic finishes a
  3. Guys, Can you guys recommend a guitar stand that would be safe for my LP Custom finish. I noticed a lot of white finished guitars in the shop that had pink discolorations from the rubber/foam used on a lot of the stands and certainly dont want the same to happen to mine! It seems to be some sort of reaction with the lacquer? at any rate, im sure you guys must worry about the same effect on your guitars so what brand do you use? thanks!
  4. thanks a lot for the quick feedback guys. I will definitely post here before even thinking about screwing around anymore with the guitar. i wonder, is there a 'standard' height that the tailpiece should be set at once i get replacement screws? I wouldnt want it impacting the action that i already have or anything like that.
  5. well, like an idiot i was screwing around raising the tailpiece, without proper tools (because I am inept when it comes to anything with even a hint of mechanics to it) and ended up stripping/denting one of the large screws. So, i have got a shiny new looking LP but a screw that has chrome exposed all over the top. I would like to replace this with another gold screw, particularly because I am assuming that since it is new now would be the opportune time to replace so that all the gold still matches before any wear sets in? I have a couple of questions though that i am hoping you guys
  6. hey, thanks a lot guys. sentiment seems to be clearly be that I am making something out of essentially nothing and the marking is nothing more than a hundred other things that commonly happen during making guitars....still, it was nice to hear some corroboration - my love affair can now continue, unabated:)
  7. here are some quick shots that i took - i had to get pretty close up to be able to show anything discernible from the MOP and the light....i think it is a bit more visible in person (even when not up quite this close) but this should give a general idea. What do you guys think - am i worrying about nothing? The guitar is otherwise pretty much flawless and I have certainly enjoyed playing it so far. Just one of those things that once i noticed it....i kept on noticing it...
  8. I just got my first Les Paul Custom guitar a few days ago and have been ecstatic with it. As I was admiring late last night, however, I noticed something that had escaped my usually hyper-critical eye up to that point. The mother of pearl inlay on the 5th fret has a realtively small 'nick' on it. The inlay is, of course, smooth so the nick appears to be in the mother of pearl itself. My question is whether or not this type of 'blemish' (if you even would consider this a blemish) is typical on les paul custom guitars. I do not have any previous relationship with the particular dealer
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