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  1. I think so too. It was sunday and i couldnt crank it i like to play with gig volume when i can. This amp need the power tubes cookinn "/ Next video will be with volume up alot more than talking volume :) I just went and listened. Before 1:12 i had the guitar volume down to show the amp cleaning up as the volume was low. Around the time you liked, i raised the guitar volume. Those pickups are very bright n twangy by nature. Thanks for checking the video out :) This was done with my lp studio
  2. Ok,,, i guess its still worthless,,, still no pics lol I did manage to get a video tho. Now look,,, I went in on my day off,,, no ac on,,, sweaty hot sloppy slippery picking n all ") Looking back,,, it kinda reminds me of my bad gigs in sweaty hot Balto city bars! Lmao. :) Playing aside,, please try to focus on the tones lol I did this just to get er Done . I was tired too. Very busy this week! Please enjoy Ps, The 3 other videos uploaded the same day were done with my seafoam Les Paul studio. Its my number one Epi loaded with gibby 498 & 496 pic
  3. My les pauls are solid as a rock! Im sure my SGs will hold up
  4. I never thought about pics. I gotta change strings soon so i will play photog then ") I was able to change pickups while just loosening the strings. I only use 10 guage strings. Looking at the construction just made me worry a bit. I get hella agressive when i play. I m like a vanilla gorilla with a guitar. So far so good tho. :) The GFS pickups ROCK! I will post a video tues when i get back in town. I would love to see the SG built with the modern neck joint. . Then i would feel comfortable calling it a "solid guitar " :D Did i mention i really like GFS pickups?
  5. Btw, pickups were gfs veh for the bridge and,,,, ready for this? A gfs brighton 8k ohm for the neck OMMFG does this combination kick major ***! Something told me to do it and i usually like an educated risk n it paid off! I will get some videos up with my modded marshalls this week! I left the glossy cherry sg alone because that guitar rocks right outta the box! But.. This faded sg with its new gfs pickups just kills tonewise now. The veh has that stringy,, bouncy van halen essence with a bright but full tone while the brighton can be sweet or mean with that Brian may so
  6. Hi. Im not an engineer but i do appreciate anything sturdy and well built. Upon changing pickups in my sg i saw into the neck joint and even tho both of my sg guitars are holding up fine i remember walking into a local music store as a kid and seeing a vintage sg with a terrible "bow " right at the neck pocket. Yikes! I certainly hope this doesnt happen to my sg guitars. Looking into the neck pocket gave me the chills. Scary looking! I really dont know how it withstands the string tension without literally Ripping the neck right off! Maybe Epi should make them with the more modern n
  7. I actualltly thought you meant an xavier guitar
  8. How is you s500? Been thinkin about getting one.
  9. Thanx for the vote on the veh! People were bashing it but i think its goin in tomorrow if i got time between tattoo clients :)
  10. I want the white with gold hardware but its 400 bucks. Not the sane deal because of the color wtf?
  11. The glossy guitar stays as is.. its perfect! The faded has a more vintage sound. I have a gfs alnico pro hot snd a gfs veh thats begging to be put in a guitar... i think i found the guinee pig lol... its a nice pickup in the faded and thru my modded marshalls it gives endless sustain tho. I held a note last week till my fingers got tired. Like at leat 4 minutes and it couldve went forever. Its just that its obviously lower output and s little slower in pick attack. I was just wondering because the glossy sg is way clearer...more defined...and hotter. I thought they had the same p
  12. Q? I just got a g400 cherry (glossy) and it sounds "hotter " than the faded g400? The faded sounds lower output. The glossy cherry model is a chinese model without coil taps ,,, any info on which pickups are in these 2 models? The faded sounds less clear, more bass and less clear... also, lower output,
  13. I love my original LP which is the studio model. I like mu ultra and plustop pro as well but the studio is my go-to every situation guitar
  14. Thats another thing I like about Epis . They are pretty darn good on their own but they are like "blank canvases" too which you can modify into your own spec without guilt unlike an expensive Gibson models. Nice job! Now play the hell outta that thing!.: )
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