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  1. Fret board is, I presume, dry. I thought the wood looked a little light, but I did not think anything of it. And yes, I meant the end of of the frets were sharp. sorry for the misunderstanding. Is all lemon oil the same? I have an old Epiphone SG and I never oiled the fret board. I have never felt fret edges like this, but I will bring it somewhere to take care of since it sounds like it is not uncommon. I am probably gonna keep the guitar. I like it a lot. It's just a simple guitar.
  2. This is the scratch on the neck that i am worried about.
  3. I bought a gibson les paul double cut tribute with p90s. It was on clearance on the guitar center website and it cost $599, so I thought might as well try it (and the blue color is super cool). Well, I waited 3 weeks for this guitar. Turns out it was at a store model from NY that was shutdown during quarantine. Finally got it yesterday. Some things I am not sure about.... One, the fret work is odd. On my other guitars, it is a nice smooth feel on the neck, but on this guitar they sort of bulge out as you run your hand across. Is that normal? It is not the worst thing in the world, but it is noticeable. This is kind of my biggest issue/worry. Two, the nut looks odd. I have never seen a nut on a pricier guitar (I have only bought cheaper non us made guitars before), but this material looks very rough. It has this porous look. On a website, it says it is a graphtec nut. Is that what a graph tech nut looks like? I do not think it was installed after it left the factory because the nut has blue finish on it. Third, and this is probably due to it being a store model, but there is this one scratch on the neck. It has other dings on there (looks like the guitar holders had no padding at that store), but they do not really effect playabilty. I am a little worried that that it may chip even more as time goes on. You think it is possible to bring it to a luthier to make sure he/she can do something to ensure it will never ship even more? Other than that, it sounds pretty good. I like the sound of the P90. I was actually really surprised by the neck pick up. My hopes were not too high, because it was a Gibson under 600, so my feeling is that I do not get to complain and if it sat there that long, maybe that is why. However, at the same time, it was originally a $999 guitar.... I attached a pic off the nut...
  4. I do not think people are going to waste efforts to fake a $600 guitar when they can just change the headstock and try to fake a guitar that is triple the price. Also, I keep hearing this MIK is better than MIC. I do think the QC is slightly worse than it was when it was MIK, but overall, it has to do more with finish than anything else and nothing really to do with the over all playing quality or sound. For example, I see Epiphone Dots from time to time where it looks like the F hole areas were colored by a 4 year old with a crayon. I do not remember those types of issues when it was MIC. However, all this stuff about MIC guitars with non aesthetic issues or something like fret buzz..... they had those same exact issues when the guitars where MIK. If you really want a MIK guitar, get an Agile. It's pretty much made by the same manufacturers that made the Epiphones when they were MIK.
  5. Rewired the switch....the actual pick ups go to the wrong knobs (treble goes to rhythm and vice versa) :( Working on dots are sort of a pain too because there is no direct access. I would say it is a reason to upgrade the pickups, but I am actually happy with these pick ups.
  6. I know that, I just thought it was amusing (and annoying). I looked closer and found evidence of the switch being taken apart. I am guessing that the previous owner thought it was annoying as well and since you cannot simply rotate the switch easily, he/she probably decided to get rid of it. Their loss is my gain, I guess.
  7. I bought a dot 335 pro used. It sounded fine, but I noticed that it was sort of muddy. I go to the bridge pick up and I notice it is not muddy at all. What on earth...after being confused for a few minutes I realize that the switch is wired backwards or rotated 180 degrees. You think this is a QA problem or do you think, maybe, the person who bought this decided to be funny?
  8. I had the same thing happen to an epi acoustic (aj18). In my case, it was a crack in the finish at the headstock. Epiphone did not cover it because they said it was due to not being kept in the correct environment. I am not sure what means, but all my other guitars are fine. It was not too much of a loss because I did not like that acoustic anyways. It was a rare case of guitat center giving me more money than craigslist.
  9. Correct me if I am wrong, but I think the threads on Epiphones are metric? That would be awesome if I could just buy this, though.....
  10. I have a G400. I bought a Gibson Nashville Tune O matic bridge for a replacement. As some figured out before they even finished reading this, I cannot simply use this without some modification. Is there some modified post I can buy so I simply just drop on the bridge? Or is there a different bushing I could buy so I can simply use the bridge with its post on this guitar?
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