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  1. Sorry Gibson, but your reply sounds like a statement release from a foreign ministry, lots of words but no new or useful info. Yes indeed Stanton has released 4 updates and I tried them all (note Gibson has released none), v1 was crap, v2 was irritating and slow, v3 acceptable for bedroom dj's and v4 just about good for live performance. You can't conciser these as four updates. The SCS4 should have been released for sale with a stable firmware like v4 in the first place, but Stanton was in a hurry, and I'm sure that they knew that all the way and therefore the rapid release for updates as v1 to v3 would have been detrimental to sales, but now that we have a working firmware I think the updates are over. But is v4 good for the future, only time would tell with new all-in-one hardware coming out from pioneer and the likes??? Can you simply tell us if there is to be a new firmware update soon, this to save us time checking the forum almost every day and to spend more time accommodating ourselves with v4 limitations. Simply YES OR NO answer please.
  2. I wish that ProfessorBX can talk to his friend Penguin and tell us what to expect and when to expect the upgrade. It appears that since the time when Stanton was bough by Gibson the SCS4 project was put on hold in terms of firmware development. Gibson needs to improve the firmware to keep the SCS$ flowing, otherwise the SCS4 will join the multitude of All-In-One DJ hardware that was failed by their weak/buggy firmware. Also I'm surprised why no one is pointing out how much QuickGrid needs to be improved with added functionality and Artificial Intelligence. I Don't think it is clever to go through 8000 files just to analyze 20 extra added file on a USB stick ??? Please don't fail what I think is the best hardware there is for a mobile DJ
  3. So by now we must be on our 10th beta version, can anyone tell us what to expect? Or do we have to wait until Stanton introduce SCS.5DJ to discover what's new :)
  4. Any news regarding a firmware update??
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