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  1. I work with my hands, often in the dirt. Can't abide fingernails beyond the finger-tips.
  2. Looks good, dem00n. I like the stained natural mo' bettah than the gold.
  3. It ain't fair. Sorry to hear this, Pumpkin.
  4. SP,I'm pleased you enjoyed it. I can't count the number of songs I thought I knew, only to later discover how far off I'd been. Or, like you, be taken by the melody and hook but never really listen to the lyric. Here's an account of something very similar, a skit by The Vacant Lot Paul: Yeah, that's what he says... So when I go on the subway, I have to blow up this inflatable donut. Nick: Want another? Vito: Yeah. Rob: That's stupid. Paul: All stupid. Vito: One. Nick: Oh, uh... two. Paul: Three. Nick: Wanna go for four? Paul: I could if I wa
  5. I was drafted in '68, started drinking "to settle my nerves" just before I came home in '70. I settled my nerves for 20 years and became a fookin' drunk in the process. In January of '90 I decided my Mom and Pop didn't raise a fookin' drunk and I quit. I've been sober now longer than I was a fookin' drunk. Sober's much better for me.
  6. Charlie, and his music, mellowed somewhat after he tried to die a couple times. He got religion and sorta cleaned up his act. No knock on his salvation but I did find it a more natural fit beforehand. His "Devil went downt o Georgia" was a perfect example of "before" and "after". Good stuff anytime, though.
  7. P'raps there's an off chance some of the younger members haven't yet heard this Charlie Daniels classic, Trudy. If you count yourself among the uninitiated, please do yourself the favor of reading the lyrics first, then enjoy the vid. This is one of, if not THE best of Charlies many hits that tells a story both lyrically and musically. For some reason it got in my head early this morning and I thought it best to share it with you. Enjoy Trudy Call up Trudy on the telephone Send a letter in the mail Tell her I'm hung up in Dallas And they won't let me outta this jail And
  8. He travels. And he likes llamas...a LOT!
  9. Makes me wonder about all that braggin' he did about the pygmies.
  10. Baby Lucy Abby then... Abby now. Lucy, Abby(top) and Emma Missus Cruzn, Lucy and Abby and a bowl of ice cream Darryl and Larry and Larry...or is it Larry and Darryl and Darryl
  11. On my knees with da Blues, ca: 1965 Poundin' da Blues, ca: 1965 Pickin' and sangin' da Blues, ca: 1998
  12. Gone again. See y'all later and elsewhere.

  13. What an interesting question. Only you can determine the worthiness of the article according to your own values and interest. Perhaps you could initiate a thread pursuant to how we might determine a topic's worthiness prior to posting. Very interesting...
  14. Rockers Apologize for Jakarta Governor's Finger Flap "Band members with whom Jakarta Governor Fauzi Bowo was photographed raising his middle finger apologized for enabling the governor's pose. The band's drummer, Jarot Guntoro, told a news conference in Jakarta on Tuesday that he and his friends were sorry for "making Fauzi follow our gesture."
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