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  1. I have both in my collection as well, and as said they are different to play and in tone. For some reason the DR500 is in a gloss finish whereas the other Masterbilts are satin; I don't know why. I am not a lover of the satin finish especially with a sunburst top. I have polished my AJ45-ME and the backs and sides of the others. I think that the gloss shows up mahogany and rosewood much better. With the natural top the satin finish is less noticeable so I am not too bothered about that and the wax I use does take the edge off the duller satin finish. Be careful as you will end up with GAS and get them all. Bob
  2. Although not classed as a Masterbilt this came out in 2009 and was all solid wood and MIC: http://www.epiphone.com/News-Features/News/2009/Epiphone-Announces-Limited-Edition-Roy-Orbison-Sig.aspx Bob
  3. And the difference between this and the DR-500MCE is......? Bob
  4. If it is the same as the photo then you just slide out the small panel to reveal two small tabs that you pull inwards to each other and the battery compartment will slide out. Bob
  5. Many swear by Tonerite which does exactly what you describe. Bob
  6. Might be but it is the tone that is important. The saddle transfers the tone through the bridge to the sound board. The result of changing the saddle material to bone is not always advantageous, so try if you want to. There have been posts here that others have found a 'cheaper' or 'lesser' material has not resulted in any improvement. Sometimes the opposite has happened. In general, I have not found any Epi saddle to be well made. Bob
  7. I sent my original saddle to my tech and he said it was poorly made. The width varied along its length, and was not a good fit. I had a decent bone one made and slightly higher. Now it is great with good volume. I also read somewhere that increasing the break angle can enhance the lower end. Bob
  8. Or send it to a luthier to make a copy. I do that for all my acoustics as none of the factory made saddles are really that good. Bob
  9. Been playing the heck out of this to break it in for gig next weekend. It has quite a bright sound with it, unlike the AJ45-ME; almost like the EJ200SCE. I've ditched the Cleartones and now on the EXP16's and there is now a better lower response, but still not as rich as the AJ45. But then I like to have guitars with different tones for different styles of music. Bob
  10. It comes with Cleartone strings which I have tried before and don't like. Gonna fit D'Addario EXP16's. Bob
  11. Just got my DeLuxe Classic from GAK. Like my AJ45-ME it has a satin finish but being natural it does now show as much as a sunburst. Although I polished up the AJ45 I don't think I will do this as well. My initial thoughts are that it looks good, and the neck is just the right size for me. After it has stood a while to acclimatize after being in a cold warehouse and van overnight I will set it up. It is a long time since I worked with a floating bridge. Anyone got any tips? By the way, the price of these is coming down, more are doing them for £649. For some bizarre reason the custom cases are not available until end of March or later. Bob
  12. There was an all-black J-180 with no pickguards as well. I saw it advertised in a shop in Denmark Street, London a few years ago but was sold by the time I got there. They had never seen one. Bob
  13. That is the way it on mine too. I have just finished polishing the back and front. I used Meguiars #105 Ultra Cut Compound. I used my electric car polisher on the back and the main part of the top, then used a hand pad on the fiddly bits. It is so much better looking now. I have just ordered Zymol GBC# Gloss Finish Restorer to get the shine up. It is a blend of carnauba and bees wax. Bob
  14. Got my AJ45-ME from Andertons a few weeks ago. The satin finish is different but I don't find it too off-putting. Sound is quite good, but it is a new guitar and a new guitar is never at its best. The saddle was rough and not a good fit, same as when I got the EJ200SCE, so had a good one made that fitted properly. I also ditched the Cleartone strings and put on Polyweb 80/20 12's. Starting to sound better now. One thing that really irritates is the sharp corners of the nut, anyone found that? The edge by the top E string just catches my hand from time to time. Bob
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