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  1. I bought the red one a few days ago, and a very nice bit of kit it is. Q1] Does it have nitro or poly finish? Can't find that info anywhere. Q2] The s/n is T118769. Is it a 2011 model? Thanks Bob
  2. Yep, they are 'custom' rips to his spec. Bob
  3. Just bought this. Dwight Yoakam "Dwight Trash" Elitist Casino in Roulette Red. Stunning piece of kit. More here: http://s1174.photobucket.com/user/firstrebel1/library/Dwight%20Trash Bob
  4. I had this in my left arm about 20 years ago after doing a lot of heavy lifting. Hurt like hell. I ended up having injections in the muscle and was soooooo painful. Didn't sleep for several nights. It went eventually, but I had to go easy with it. Bob
  5. Just found this thread. The pickguard on the Emmy L-200 is different. I think this is the J-200 Standard. I think he has a Custom and TV as well. Bob
  6. For something to be sought after in the future needs a reason for it to be wanted so badly. What we think of now may not be what folk in the future think of. Most of today's guitars are a mix and match of wood materials (just look at the permutations of SJ's and J-45's) or reissues with or without various appointments. There is nothing really new. What is the most sought after guitar from any decade in the past - and why? Much depends on individual tastes in guitars, music and the artists that play them. Still an interesting topic to debate. Bob
  7. I have a Rosewood b/s J-45 Amberburst and it is far from 'muddy'. It has Gibson Masterbuilt PB 12's and rings clear and loud with great lows, mids and highs. I am told Rosewood favours 80/20's but not tried them yet. Bob
  8. The SCSJ has an Adi top but Mahogany b/s, and the J-45 Amberburst has a Sitka top and Rosewood b/s, so I guess this is a combination of those. I wonder how all 3 compare. Bob
  9. I would not call my Adirondack SCSJ bright. It is warm and rich. It still has the factory Gibson Masterbuilt 80/20's. Bob
  10. Both the Everly Brothers are left handed but both learned to play guitars right handed. Bob
  11. With the recent chatter here about mediums I was not impressed with them in this demo, but I expect the results would be different on a different guitar. Also were they Phosphor Bronze or 80/20's? But it was good to hear the differences they make on the same guitar. Bob
  12. Gibson in their usual way have created a bit of confusion. A lot of the web site product spec pages state many of the acoustics are fitted with Masterbuilt Premium strings. But they do not qualify which. The Phosphors or the 80/20's. When I recently got my J-45 Amberburst there was a spare set of strings inside, the Masterbuit Premium 80/20's. On the packet Gibson state these are the same strings that are factory fitted to their acoustics. So, unless someone can check with Gibson this is not fully clarified. If they do now fit 80/20's, then when did that start? Bob
  13. You might also like to try the Masterbuilt Premium Phosphors or the Masterbuilt Premium 80/20's for a slightly different tone. I find the 80/20's crisper but still warm enough. Bob
  14. Depends what tone you want. The Gibson J200 strings are quite warm. Moving away there are the Gibson Masterbuilt Premium Phosphor bronze, and then the Masterbuilt Premium 80/20 brass 12's which are factory fitted to many Gibson acoustics. Each model of guitar has a different tone; I have 3 SJ's and a J-45 and all sound different with the same strings. So it is the 64 million dollar question as to what is best. Listen to the guitar when you get it and then decide where you want to go with tone. Bob
  15. Just more for Vince Gill to collect. But then he might have the originals anyway. Bob
  16. Hogeye, Thanks for your very interesting explanation. It clears a lot up, though I still cannot understand why some other owners of this model say they do not have this issue. I know of another new one in a store in the UK and it has the same markings. There were some other issues with the J-180 I had and when you put them all together it had to go back. Bob
  17. I just got a J-45 Amberburst and in the case box was a nice little accessory pack that included a spare set of strings. Never seen spare strings come with a guitar before. However these were Gibson Masterbuilt Premium 80/20's. Never saw these before, only the Masterbuilt Premium Phosphor bronze. I did a search on them and there is only place in Europe that advertises them. Are they new? Bob
  18. It went back and I got a J-45 Amberburst in its place. Stunning guitar. Bob
  19. It is probably in the materials used but it is nice. The cupboard that several of my guitar are kept smells really good. The case with the best and strongest smell is the brown case for the SJTV. Bob
  20. Thanks for all the comments and views. I have 3 SJ's and just got a J-45 Amberburst and there is no sign at all of this on any of them. Sometimes light reflecting off the grain at the edge of the bridge can give the appearance of such marks but the J-180 was more than that and really bad. Bob
  21. Will power of a gnat... Bob
  22. Gibson also made a black Harley J-180. Nearly bought one. Bob
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