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  1. Practice and improvise where you can. With the B flat type shape on the 1st fret do you need to play strings 5 and 6? Or do you only need strings 2-6 which makes barring easier. I know Roy Orbison did a lot of his Sun stuff in E flat but really played as E major shapes because he tuned his Les Paul down half a step and gave much more effective bends. When he started doing them live with his Monument songs he went up half a tone and did them in E major. Did Chuck Berry do the same? For some reason I find B7 more awkward than B flat shapes and D# shapes. Muscle memory and practice. And sore fingers for a while :-) Bob
  2. I use Fret Doctor on all mine no matter what the wood is. I think some products should not be used on some woods. Others here will confirm this or not. Bob
  3. This is a widely debated topic and you will get many suggestions which will include Clean lint free cotton cloth Gibson pump polish Virtuoso polish Bob
  4. No because of the angle I took the photo, but I assure you they were all around the bridge. The guitar went back. If they leave the factory like this then I put it down to poor QC. Bob
  5. These marks were all around the bridge; all 4 sides. None of my SJ have these marks. Bob
  6. Isn't this the Pure Voice A3 with a different pup? Bob
  7. Has anyone ever seen these marks around the bridge of a Gibson acoustic? You are looking at the dot like marks around the bridge. This photo is of a BJA J-180, but I know a shop that has the same marks on a few other models. I was told by a luthier this indicates a post production refinish where the masking has been removed from around the bridge. Bob
  8. A lot of the slopes are now OOP but there are still a few of the models lurking in shops. You can't go wrong with a slope and they are all somewhat different. Bob
  9. The shop got the ad wrong. The ad had a photo of the J-45 Custom and a mixture of specs for the Custom and PV but the title was the Pure Voice A3. They said it was a 'small' mistake. Bob
  10. I have seen this with the extra headstock inlay: Gibson J-45 Pure Voice A3 Strings: 6 string Body Shape: Jumbo Cutaway: No Construction / Acoustic: Full Solid Colour / Finish: Vintage Sunburst Finish: High Gloss Top: Sitka Spruce (AA Grade) Back / Sides: Rosewood Neck: Mahogany Fretboard: Rosewood Fretboard Inlays: Dots Nut Width: 44 mm Saddle/Cross piece inlay: Bone Bridge: Rosewood Tuning Machines: Gold grover rotomatic Rosette: Double Ring with Abalone Binding: Herringbone Pickup Details: Pure Voice A3 Pre-amp system: Gibson Controls: Volume- and Tone-Control; Included in delivery: Hardcase Bob
  11. I have seen an ad that says it has red spruce top and mahogany back/sides, then another saying it has sitka top and rosewood back/sides. What is going on? Bob
  12. How many different variations are there for this guitar? I have seen two different headstock designs. One is plain with the usual "GIBSON" and "Custom" on the truss rod cover; the other has a vine abalone pearl headstock inlay designed by Gibson master luthier Ren Ferguson and plain truss rod cover. Bob
  13. Very humid here with storms but my three SJ's sound just great. Bob
  14. We have a simple AC system as well here west of London. Open window = AC on Close window = AC off Bob
  15. Might be prudent to find a good luthier in case you spoil it more. Bob
  16. It was designed to use on nitro. I find Gibson pump polish quick and easy as well. Bob
  17. I have a Tanglewood 28DLX that is just amazing. I bought it earlier this and was made around the '90's I think. I think it has Mahogany back and sides but can't find any information on it. The tone and sustain are amazing. Bob
  18. Here is another top luthier in the UK Phil McAllister Spectrum Guitar Finishes www.spectrumguitarfinishes.co.uk Bob
  19. LOL. Had to be done and I am hopeless making decisions.
  20. Wow indeed. I just got the last Kristofferson SJ in the factory. Also glad I recently bought a SCSJ as well. Bob
  21. The Sheryl Crow SJ has the same pickup and here in the UK it is £1000 more than the non-pup model. Bob
  22. Contact Guitar Village in Farnham Surrey and ask if they can get it. If it is in the factory they can get it. Bob
  23. That means the Guitar Data Project is misleading. I have always assumed the Production Number was the production number of that model. Bob
  24. The other anomaly is that the seller states this is issue #10 as shown on the orange label, but a search shows Guitar Info Your guitar was made at the Bozeman Plant , MA, USA June 12nd, 1996 Production Number: 30 Bob
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