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  1. Saw this on ebay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Gibson-J-180-EVERLY-SIGNATURE-Limited-Edition-10-of-100-/330954552610?pt=Guitar&hash=item4d0e6db522 Is this a genuine item? The Everly's withdrew their name from Gibson, but Don later put his name to the Epiphone SQ-180, but Phil never went back which is why he went to Robert Steineggar to design a guitar. Or was this another Gibson snub at the Evs? Bob
  2. I don't have a NV to compare but looking at my TV and my SCSJ the TV seems to be more of a satin shine and the SCSJ a high gloss shine, so I expect the NV will be the same. Bob
  3. And a different headstock logo. I have never understood the New Vintage name. I have a TV and a Sheryl and they are both great guitars but different. I think the Kristofferson is like the NV but not heard a comparison. Bob
  4. I tried to leave comments on the Gibson site on some of the products, but nothing works. I used my FB login. What magic is needed? Bob
  5. Yes it will always be called the Everly even though it is different to their original '60's J-180. The original Everly had a very different bridge and saddle, the saddle was adjustable and the strings went through the bridge and not held in by pins. No doubt the construction is changed as well now. Most of the late '80's and 90's J-180 are still incorrectly called the Everly and because of that are over priced on the second hand market. A good original '60's Everly can set you back up to $15,000 and are hard to find undamaged or no damage repairs. My brother has an original '63 Everly and I hope to be able to compare the sound between my BJA and his. I am sure you will be please with this. Does yours have the Fishman pickup system? Not sure if they made any without it, as they did with artist models of the Southern Jumbo. Bob
  6. I have one, and the first thing I did was to take off the truss rod cover and replace with a blank one. This guitar comes with Gibson Masterbuilt Premium Phosphor Bronze 12's unless Wildwood changed them. When playing it I found it was indeed very rich and warm, and I would have preferred a bit more top end presence. But when I got my brother to play it and I listened from in front of the guitar it sounded much better. Needless to say different strings will produce different results, but overall I can say it is a good guitar. Many have criticised the big double pickguards and yes they do deaded the sound a little and reduce sustain. I compared the 180 to my SJTV and there is a world of difference. Dwight Yoakam had one made back in '99 that was natural and not ebony, but I have never seen or played one of those. Depending on what tone you like and what you play you might want to play around with different strings. Enjoy. Bob
  7. My 3 Southern Jumbos have Masterbuilt Premium Phosphor bronze 12's (which are also what they came with) and the sound is great. I have used Cleartone 80/20's 11's and 12's and Martin Lifespan 80/20's as well and they sound good too. So not much in them all. Tone is a very personal thing. I also have an Everly style Billie Joe J-180 and that sounds a lot more bassey than my SJ's with any 11's or 12's, but that may be down to the large double pickguards. I would love to have bought one of the Gibson Anniversary Black J-180's that had no pickguards to see what the difference would be. Bob
  8. Not much of a story, but I knew a guy in NC who had a few of these things for sale; it is a genuine RIAA Award with the hologram. This one had only just been issued for that album and the recipient, a radio station, decided they did not want it, so I bought it. I don't know how many of these were made back then as each was a personal issue with the name of the recipient on the plate. They were issued to each singer, the record company and a few execs plus a number of radio stations used in the promo. Not sure who else. Maybe a cleaner or two They compliment the guitar collection. Bob
  9. I bought one a few weeks ago and it is truly stunning. I think the factory strings are Masterbuilt Premium Phosphor Bronze and give a super rich tone. It has plenty of volume and sustain. It is difficult to put the tone into words but it covers the entire spectrum without being too bright. If it sounds this good new then I look forward to how it sounds after hours of playing. Bob
  10. I am sure I read somewhere Gibson put Masterbuilt Phosphor Bronze Premiums on the SJs so I don't think they would be 80/20. Milo, the disc is an original Platinum disc for the Traveling Wilburys album. Genuine article. I am sure you will love your SJTV as much as I do. Bob
  11. The Epi SQ180 and Gibson J180 are quite different, I have an '88 Epi SQ180 and a 2012 Billy Joe 180, and also had a few later SQ180's with Don's sig on the headstock. To start with the nut on the Epi is smaller, not sure if that is the same as the original 1960's Everly Gibson J-180, but not so good for picking or big fingers. The Epi is obviously a cheaper model and the double pickguards not the same material as the Gibson, they are more of a plastic, but the sound is not too bad. Action is a bit high even with the saddle reduced as much as possible. I tuned mine down a semitone. I don't know how the structures vary but I suspect they will be different. Here is a run down of the Epi • 1986-2000 & 2002-2004 & 2006 • Maple body with select Spruce top • Set Mahogany neck • Rosewood fingerboard with star inlays • Body and neck binding • Symmetrical custom flame tortoise shell pickguard • Body & neck binding • Rosewood bridge base • Chrome hardware • 15.5" body width • 24.75” scale • 1.65” nut width • Ebony finish Headstock: • Open-book style 1986-1990 • Clipped-ear 1991-2000 & 2002-2004 • Elongated traditional 2006 Headstock Inlay: • Epiphone By Gibson logo 1986-1989 • Epiphone scripted logo with crown inlay 1990-2000 • Epiphone modern logo with crown inlay 2002-2004 • Epiphone 1960's style logo with crown inlay 2006 Hope this helps. Bob
  12. I only know of JP Guitars in Bristol but not used him myself. The top UK Gibson dealer is Guitar Village in Farnham, Surrey, don't know if they do that sort of stuff but worth a call. 01252 726821. I highly recommend them, just ordered my 3rd guitar from them. Bob
  13. I got one about a week ago. Stunning guitar. Beautiful tone and great action. I tune all my acoustics down half a tone so that makes it a bit easier. They come with Gibson Masterbuilt Premium Phosphor Bronze strings but I don't know what gauge. Did you get the brown retro style case? Bob
  14. Try here: http://www.wdmusic.co.uk/truss-rod-wrench-516-inch-size-for-gibson-2704-p.asp Bob
  15. Here in the UK the no pup variant is about £2200 and the one with the Trance is about £3300. That is an extra £1100 just for the Trance. How can that be. Bob
  16. My Gibson SJTV has the factory fitted Gibson Masterbuilt Premium Phosphor Bronze and they sound great though I don't know what gauge they are (anyone know). Great mids and lows although the highs could be a bit crisper. I put Martin Lifespan 80/20 11's on my J-180 and that does not sound so good; they sound a bit dead. I also tune my acoustics down half a tone and use a capo where needed especially playing with others who use standard tuning. It depends what you are playing. I do a lot of country sort of stuff. Now a friend is into blues and has Ernie Ball 9's on his Yamaha because they give the sound he wants and he does a lot of bending, though he was suprised how easy my SJTV was to bend. Bob
  17. The Orbison Signature 335 was a copy of his '82 335 that he had a TP6 on. I think the Lucille also has a TP6 as a factory fit. All others have the standard stop bar. I don't always change the strings when I buy a new guitar, it depends if it came from the warehouse or from the shop where others may have played it. I tend to favour Cleartone 80/20's or the Martin Lifespan 80/20's. I'll change them when they don't sound good anymore. My SJTV has Gibson Phosphor Bronze Premiums and sound good, but not sure if they are 11's or 12's. Bob
  18. Gerry played it high so he could see what chords he was playing, he said that in an interview. Bob
  19. Great replies from all, thanks. Mojorule, the TP6 was on the 335 from new, it was part of the Orbison spec for that guitar and is really more of a collector's guitar, which it is for me. It still has the original strings from 2006. Bob
  20. Thanks Mojorule. You are right in all aspects. The electrics are not really necessary, the KK has the Fishman's Matrix 1, but as with the SC they did not all have it fitted. These gits put out enough volume for me. I am a collector as well as a player, so feet in both camps really. The KK is now hard to find outside the US and those few dealers who have them in the US won't or are not keen to ship outside the US. (Amazon.com list 5 in stock). But my dealer has located a KK for me and I will speak with them in the morning to tell them if I want them to get it or not. I thought the KK came out in 2009 but Amazon state "Date first available at Amazon.com: July 16, 2004". I looked at the WG as well but that just complicated things even more. I shall sleep on it. Bob
  21. I have been looking at the specs and reviews of these two SJ's and can't decide which to get. There are a few obvious visual differences - pickguard, peghead logo and electrics. But what about the important features - structure and tone. The SCSJ seems to be ahead from what I can find. Does anyone agree or have any other views? I already have a 2012 SJTV. Thanks. Bob
  22. Silly me, was looking outside. Yes it is there. Thanks. Bob
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